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Officers Of The Court

Lawyer's Office. The Anti-Bobby and Anthony Hopkins are seated at their conference table with Lindsay and Ellenor. Ellenor is trying out her "Plan A." This is the one where she tries to manipulate the lawyers for the EPA into raising their settlement number. The Anti-Bobby is obnoxious and doing most of the talking; he ain't the Anti-Bobby for nothing. Ellenor hands over their subpoenas. The EPA lawyer mocks her, "And you think if you call us as witnesses, we'll testify that Judge Aldrich was guilty of blackmail?" Well, kind of, yes. The Anti-Bobby snarks about admiring Ellenor's fortitude, and starts yammering on about compromising his clients. They would not be lawyers, Ellenor points out, but witnesses. He then calls her insane. Which isn't very nice, frankly, because she's not insane -- a tad vindictive maybe, but certainly not insane. Lindsay takes over and cuts to the quick: the possible reinstatement of the $72 million settlement. She trumps the "risk factor" for a while, only to be interrupted by Anthony Hopkins pushing Lindsay to get to the real point. Ellenor: "For $6 million we'll drop the complaint against Judge Pickle-up-his-Ass." They volley some snappy comments, and then the Anti-Bobby essentially dismisses the two other lawyers. The Symphony of Possibly Insane Summonses rises as they part ways until tomorrow's hearing. Ellenor calls him an "ass," and he keeps up with his reputation of having the most nonsensical comebacks: "Tell a friend." Now, what the hell does that mean? And they'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends, oh, look everybody, we're in Kindergarten Court!

I sure do wish that Robert Downey, Jr. was on my show.

The Firm. Bobby's got his tie off and his shirt is ajar, exposing his chest hair. Gross. Almost as gross as the shower scene. Do we need any reminders of their naked skin -- no, I don't think so. Rebecca and Eugene are there for window dressing. We heighten the drama already strangling this show surrounding Scott Wallace. Bobby describes Scott's pseudo-breakdown, only to be interrupted by Lucy telling him their court date has been changed to next Tuesday. The Defenders of Moral Injustices come into the scene. Lindsay tells her husband she's going to see Aldrich and try the "velvet glove." What is a velvet glove, and does it tilt at a windmill? Anyway, leave it to Eugene to be the Defender of the Obvious: "Do you really think this guy's going to listen to you after you filed a motion against him?"

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