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Officers Of The Court

Courthouse. We're back with DA Bedazzled and her bogus trial against Jennifer Cole. They waive reading and enter a plea of guilty pursuant to their agreement. Judge Spindle wants to "hear it." After hearing Susan's explanation of the charge, and asking Jennifer if Jimmy truly explained the nature of the charges, the judge blows their little conspiracy wide open and orders both of them into chambers. When she says "chambers," she rolls the word around her mouth like she was doing an imitation of Mel Gibson in Braveheart. It sounds like cham-brrrs.

Whoosh. Chambrrrs. Judge Spindle whips her head around so she's talking with her head forward but her back sort of turned away from Jimmy and Susan. Man, that can't be comfortable. She reads them the riot act about their plea agreement; in fact, she sees "no reason for a defense attorney to surrender" when the prosecution's case is so weak. DA Susan puts up a brick wall: "I don't believe you have the right to change a plea agreement." She does have the right to reject one, especially when the two lawyers, forcing ethical boundaries, conspired to keep a relatively innocent crackhead in jail. She rails on Jimmy for a while, accusing him of being unethical and of not "zealously" protecting the rights of his clients. The judge raises her voice and asks, "Mr. Berluti, did your client understand that she would probably not be convicted of the crime for which she was charged?" Jimmy loses his temper but basically cops to the conspiracy, and the judge throws both lawyers, and their plea bargain, out of her chambrrrs. The thickness of Jimmy's skull becomes an issue as he charges ahead, screaming at the judge about the effects of crack on babies. Judge Spindle threatens him with contempt, which seems to shut him up, if only for an instant. Oh, can you feel the tension mounting? Aren't we just waiting for the inevitable? The set-up is so apparent: Do you think she's going to do more crack? Do you think she's going to harm her baby? Absolutely. I'm going to erase "dramatic irony" from DEK's dictionary forever.

Chambers. Judge Aldrich is sitting high upon his horse as Lindsay explains that they really "don't want to go after him." He's very sarcastic. The rehash the events from Germ Warfare. The jury blew it, Judge Uppity had to step in, it was his duty. Lindsay's velvet glove just isn't working. Aldrich knows that Ellenor, and not the client, is behind the complaint. If she utters a word, or a "snort" as he says, about either his actions or the case, he'll charge her with contempt. Then he busts out some other threat about reporting her to the disciplinary committee. At least she can keep Jimmy company as they float down off their high moral pedestals together. Like I said, even the velvet glove couldn't reach the cucumber wedged up this guy's posterior.

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