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Officers Of The Court

Courthouse. A Talking Head is yammering on about the track record of The Firm. You know he means that in a disparaging way, because he refers to them as "you people." It's never good when someone refers to you as "you people." The panel knows about The Firm's penchant for deceit. Ellenor responds by saying that while they may be "deceitful," they "always play by the rules." Now explain that contradiction. It's Aldrich who hasn't played by the rules, instead inflicting some "cowboy justice." Whatever that means. Lindsay pipes up to add that she too feels that it was blackmail: "He took away our Seventh Amendment right to a jury trial, and then he threatened us if we dared appeal. That's not the way it's supposed to work." The Panel blathers on about what a great guy Judge Meathead is, twenty years a meathead to be exact, and one judge maligns defense attorneys, saying that their "word" is essentially worth less than the judge's. Lindsay objects. She and Ellenor look desperately at one another as the music notes they might be in some trouble. One judge asks if they have anything else, and, on a whim, Ellenor calls Mitchell Kravitz, a.k.a. Anthony Hopkins to the stand. Lindsay whispers, "What are you doing?" Ellenor responds: "I have no idea!" And they swear AH in -- truth, the whole truth, you know the spiel.

Mr. Jamison's ears glow as the camera sweeps by him. Lindsay whispers, "What are you going to ask him?" Ellenor doesn't know, and then almost makes Lindsay ask him something until A Talking Head forces her to start questioning AH. They establish what AH was doing in chambers that day. She then asks AH to make a decision according to which version of the testimony they've all heard is more accurate. AH stumbles around the answer, complains that he's a lawyer, that he doesn't want to jeopardize his client, and is essentially ordered to answer by one of The Talking Heads. The Severity of the Situation Symphony starts to smoulder as Anthony Hopkins just stares at the Talking Head. He pauses until a second Talking Head reminds him "the court has asked him a question." And he responds, "I believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle." He's all tight and strange-looking. The Talking Heads aren't satisfied; he'll have to take a side. Hush now, for he whispers so softly he's barely audible: "Ms. Frutt." Lindsay stammers: "Omigod!" A violin screams out the mood, the Talking Heads gaggle, then ask for clarification: does AH honestly believe that Judge Aldrich is guilty of misconduct? AH responds by saying he thought Aldrich conducted a fair trial, but "what happened in his chambers after the verdict, while it wasn't blatant blackmail, it was definitely coercion." Judge Idiot tries to redeem himself, but to no avail. The Talking Heads take one for the team and reverse his ruling, reassign the case, and reinstate the original settlement. That'll teach you to practice that cowboy judgment, y'all. Some oboes wail in the distance as Mr. Jamison admits he's afraid to celebrate. Ellenor smiles, saying that's probably wise and explaining they're going to try to settle this with the EPA's lawyers. "Wow," he says, and that about says it all as we break for final commercials.

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