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Oz (2)

Helen's got Trevor on the stand. He testifies that he and Ray have been friends for more than fifty years. Helen asks about the relationship between Joanne and Ray. Trevor indicates that it was a very loving relationship until Ray's stroke two years ago, at which time he suffered some memory lapses, as well as some delusions and paranoia. Raymond growls, "That's a lie!" Kittleson admonishes him for speaking out of turn; Ray shifts defensively in his seat. Trevor goes on to testify that due to these problems, it became difficult for Ray to try cases, so eventually Joanne told the judge it was time for Ray to hang it up, and Ray never forgave her for that. Trevor says, "He told me he hated her for it." Helen asks for more information; Trevor explains that Joanne recently went to court to have Ray declared incompetent, which enraged him. Bobby pipes up, "Objection! Foundation?" Kittleson overrules him. Helen asks why Trevor thinks it enraged Ray so much; Trevor hesitates before responding that Ray's all about making an entrance, walking into a room and needing people to think, "There's Raymond Oz." Trevor indicates that Ray was always, always talking about his "legacy," and suggests that it was "more important to him than anything or anybody," and the idea of being declared incompetent was more than Ray could handle. Helen asks whether Trevor thinks it could have made Ray homicidal. Trevor doesn't know. Helen thanks him and returns to her seat as Bobby massages his forehead. Ray's sitting ramrod straight with a look of extreme contempt on his face. Since he doesn't make a move to cross-examine Trevor, Kittleson prompts him. He says nothing, but raises his right hand and waves it dismissively.

Helen and Richard are in her office. Richard is raving about Trevor's testimony, as well as Helen's performance. Helen looks like she'd like to punt him into the hallway. Here, let me open the door. He concludes his raving with, "It was music!" He plops himself into a chair. Helen quietly reminds him that a woman is dead and a great man is destroyed. "We shouldn't enjoy it too much." Richard backpedals and insists that he's not, but claims that they're "back on top" now and that the defense will have to "jump at manslaughter."

Fast cut to Bobby saying, "I hope they still offer it." He's in the DYD&F offices with Jimmy, Eugene, and Rebecca, making one of their obligatory one- or two-minute appearances. Eugene is surprised that they didn't cross-examine Trevor, but Bobby says there was nothing to cross him on, and that Trevor was totally believable. Rebecca says they have to take manslaughter. Lindsay asks whether there's any chance that they could switch the plea to insanity. Bobby says to forget it, not at this late date: "Plus Ray would never go for it." Lindsay argues that he might, now: "Even he had to see how damaging that was -- his lifelong friend just gave them motive, gift-wrapped." Bobby asks Jimmy whether he has any sense of whether Kittleson would let them switch pleas so deep into the case. Jimmy says they haven't said a word about the case. If I were Jimmy, I'd have taken a lot more offense to Bobby asking about this, after reaming me out for possible conflict of interest, but Jimmy's a doormat. Eugene tells Bobby he needs to see if Ray is willing to change his plea.

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