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Oz (2)

In his office, Bobby argues with Ray. Ray refuses to hear of an insanity plea, and orders Bobby never to bring it up again. Bobby reminds him that Trevor's testimony hurt their case. Ray knows it. Bobby presses him on the insanity plea further, saying he has to consider it, since the jury has all it needs to convict him now. Ray yells, "I will not have my final legacy a doddering --" Bobby cuts him off: "Enough about your damn legacy! Legacy is family! It's friends. You killed your wife and your best friend just turned on you. That's your legacy, Ray!" Ray accuses Bobby of turning on him, since he aided Joanne in her attempts to end his career and have him declared incompetent. "And I hated you for that, Bobby." Bobby's fed up. "So you hate me now, too, Ray?" Ray says he does, and repeats it a couple more times just so Bobby doesn't miss the point. Bobby says, "You know what? I'm beginning to hate you right back, because you're so pathetic!" Ray gets up and tells Bobby to watch his mouth. I'm expecting him to whip out a razor strop any minute. Bobby reminds him that his wife is dead and he hasn't even been to her grave yet: "All you care about is your reputation as a lawyer: 'The Great Oz!' Well, you may not have loved Joanne. I did, like I once loved you." Bobby's tearing up and shouting. "Now...I don't think you were insane. I think it was premeditated! You weren't about to let her declare you incompetent and tarnish your legacy! So you killed her! And that's what you'll leave behind with me, Ray. I'll remember you as a premeditated murderer!" Lindsay bursts in, admonishing Bobby. He tells her to get out. She doesn't. Ray says, "How dare you accuse me of not loving her?" Bobby yells, "You killed her! And now you're telling the world that she tried to kill you? What about her legacy, Ray? This woman devoted her entire life to you! What about the memory of her? She deserved better than that. Your precious legacy!" Bobby's (literally) spitting his words out now. He points his finger in Ray's face and says, "You will die an unloved murderer! pitiful old man." Bobby stalks out and Ray vibrates a little from the impact of Bobby's words. Lindsay stands there stupidly. For once, I have to agree with Bobby.

Later that night, Bobby's slumped in a chair at home, looking sloppy in a T-shirt. He looks dejected. Lindsay glides up in a navy silk robe and suggests they go to bed. Bobby says, "I told him he'd die an unloved murderer." He pauses. "He did everything for me." Lindsay crouches down beside Bobby and turns on a sunny expression, saying, "He may die a murderer but he's obviously not unloved." She pleads with him to get some sleep. Bobby seems on the verge of agreeing when there's a knock on the door. It's Ray. With no greeting at all, he informs Bobby that he wants to change his plea to insanity. "I can't have people think that about Joanne. At the time, I, I thought she was trying to kill me. But I know she...she couldn't have been. You know that I never, ever, would have harmed her, Bobby. You know that. I want to change my plea. To insanity." Ray turns and walks away. We can ponder that during the commercials. ["Does anyone else hate how Lindsay always wears lip gloss to bed?" -- ragdoll]

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