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Oz (2)

In Kittleson's office, she tells them they can't switch to insanity now. Bobby and Ray argue with her a bit but she's not having any of it. As they all pick up their things to leave, Bobby asks Helen if manslaughter is still available. Helen says yes; at the same time, the Runt says no. Helen shoos the Runt away and tells Bobby they can still have manslaughter, but if they push it any farther they can forget it.

Bobby and Lindsay meet with Ray to tell him he should take manslaughter. Ray asks why. "At my age, manslaughter's a life sentence. Might as well roll the dice." Bobby suggests he could be out in three years. Ray asks, "With Kittleson? And Bay? That little Shetland's going to ask for the maximum. I might as well keep going." Shetland? Isn't that some miniature breed of horse or something? Snerk! ["It's a breed of pony. Shetlands are tiny. Word to that 'snerk.'" -- Sars] Lindsay says she can't disagree with him.

Back at the firm, the Forgotten Four (Eugene, Rebecca, Jimmy, and Ellenor) are watching a news report about the trial. The reporter explains that Oz is about to testify. Ellenor gets to say, "Oh no," and look around at the other lawyers, who all look dubious. Bye-bye, kids. Thanks for dropping in.

Lindsay has Ray on the stand, and asks him to tell the court what happened in his own words. He's not wearing the scarf this time. He says that he and Joanne had been going through rough times, because Joanne thought he was losing his mind. He allows that it's possible he was suffering from delusions. Lindsay asks if it's possible he was suffering from a delusion the night Joanne was killed. Helen objects and asks for a sidebar. All the lawyers crowd around Kittleson. Richard accuses the defense team of trying to set up temporary insanity. Bobby reminds the prosecutors that temporary insanity isn't available to them and that Kittleson will instruct the jury to that effect. Lindsay asserts that Raymond's only testifying to his mental state, which is an element of the crime. Kittleson asks whether Ray is going to testify that he believes he acted in self-defense; he says he is. Richard interjects that such a belief has to be a rational one, and not an irrational one. Raymond: "Save your closing arguments till later, you midget." Kittleson looks vaguely amused at this exchange. Her hairstyle is too Betty Crocker-ish in this episode. Richard yammers, "I object to that on record!" Ray replies, "Object to it on a stool, we'd hear you better." Kittleson says, "If you are about to suggest that he was mistaken, I will instruct that the mistake has to be a reasonable one, just like the midg -- Mr. Bay says." Ray asks her, "Why don't you let us present our case before you start criticizing it?" She looks a lot less amused now, and says, "At your own peril. Step back."

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