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Evil comes out on top

Bobby “The Rod Is Not Enough” Donnell and Ellenor “Look Who’s Talking Too” Frutt walk toward a holding cell at the County Jail. As they enter the cell, they are greeted by Percy Wetmore from the movie The Green Mile. I guess Doug Hutchison is slumming as this week’s “Special Guest Star.” Bobby announces that the prosecution made an offer of thirty years. The client scoffs and continues to hold the grated window so he looks tough in the presence of the Emperor. Neither Bobby nor Ellenor makes a step toward the table to sit down. Bobby says it’s not unusual for a case involving two murders. Jackie has a serpentine tattoo on the arm that’s grasping the cell window that makes him look even tougher. He protests, “One murder! If you ask me it was a public service killing. The other one, the kid, everyone knows he was just an accident.” Ellenor interjects to state that, under the law, Jackie’s “accident” is felony murder, and he’s looking at a double life sentence. Jackie takes a step forward and sits down: “Let’s go to trial.” Rod blathers on about Jackie wanting to take out his competition, the man he killed was a small-time dealer, but Anthony Helpburn was an innocent kid who didn’t deserve to get shot in the head. Jackie looks calmly at his lawyers and says, “If I gave you the impression that I had anything to do with those killings that was a misunderstanding.” He crosses his hands in front of him. “We are going to trial.” Ellenor insists that they have a weak case. Jackie insists that, if they were actually working on the case instead of sniffing around for pleas, the situation might be different. The Rod points his Philosopher Of Scum finger at Jackie as he alleges that he can’t put Jackie on the stand without suborning perjury. With his record, Jackie can expect consecutive life terms with no chance for parole. Jackie: “I’m not going to lose.” Bobby throws his hands around in disgust: “They’ve got an eyewitness.” Jackie thinks they needn’t worry about that. Bobby: “What do you mean?” Insert hands being tossed around like a salad. Jackie responds, “We don’t need to worry about him.” Damn, there goes the Emperor’s other hand. “I interviewed him myself.” Hands rest. “He’s very credible.” Jackie repeats that they don’t need to worry about the witness. Hum -- do you think he’s got something shady up his sleeve or what? Ellenor and Rod exchange some knowing glances. Bobby blithely slides into the chair facing Jackie. He tosses his briefcase to the left. He intones, “You’re going to have to tell me what that means, Jackie, because I know you’re not going to harm that witness.” Jackie “Son Of Mob” Cahill says, “I’m in jail -- what can I do?” The Jailhouse Rock version of The Jackie Cahill Smooth Jazz Song warms up the already hot interior of the cell. Bobby insists that they're already in enough trouble. He doesn’t want Jackie to make it any worse by intimidating a witness. Jackie mumbles, “Okay. I understand.” Rod screams, “Look at me.” A snarling Jackie gives Bobby a totally flat look and says, “I understand.” Translation: Oh, that poor witness who had the misfortune of getting mixed up in this crap.

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