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Evil comes out on top

The Morning Before The Trial. Richard sits on the edge of his unmade bed. The clock to the right tells us it's six-fifteen in the morning. Boston is beautiful at sunrise. The DA is dressed and sort of meditating with his hands clasped in his lap. He sort of nods his head, and I guess that means he’s ready to go.

We fade into the courtroom, where Bobby is giving his closing arguments. Blah Jackie volunteered himself, blah he expected a police department looking for the truth, blah conspiracy theory blah. No physical evidence. No murder weapon. Nada. No proof of Jackie’s guilt; nothing to suggest that he even knew the victim. Blah the entire case is built on the Sleeping Non-Beauty blah. Good job, Rod; now sit down and shut up. Richard pauses for a minute and then stands up. He buttons his jacket and faces the jury. Blah prosecutor crap blah, keep it simple, focus on the facts, blah, truth, blah. Richard: “If you believe Mr. Ross you must convict the defendant. And you should believe Mr. Ross. He had a front-row seat for these murders.” Richard defends Guy the Viking, spells out the scene of the crime, notes that it was broad daylight and that there was no way Jackie could have known there was a witness. Except for the part about choosing to shoot the guy in broad daylight -- nah, he wouldn’t have expected anyone to be around on a busy Boston street in the middle of the day. Blah courageous witness blah, Jackie’s guilty blah, two men are dead, and Mr. Cahill is so cold-blooded that he killed them in broad daylight because he’s arrogant. Well, Richard’s got that part right. The Runt is impassioned. He turns to Jackie and says, “You’re a killer. You’re a coward. And thanks to the jury you’re about to get what you deserve.” Blah Jackie thinks he’s untouchable, blah prove he’s wrong. Good job, Richard; now it’s your turn to sit down and shut up.

The Firm. Rod is holding his progeny. He relates the details of Jackie’s sick “meeting” with the prosecution. Both Rebecca and Eugene are stunned that Bay’s not pressing further charges. Oh, Ellenor’s baby is there too, and apparently she puked most of her food up on Eugene. After smirking something about going out for dinner, Mrs. Rod goes to take her child from its father. The phone rings; Lucy, shockingly, answers it. The verdict is back in Jackie’s trial. Looks like Lindsay won’t be having any fancy dinner tonight.

The letter is bandied about like usual. For once, justice is served, and Jackie is found guilty on all counts. Richard looks vindicated. As he’s being cuffed and dragged away, Jackie says, “Bobby, will you start working on my appeal please.” Rod thinks he needs to get himself another lawyer. The scene is orchestrated rather severely as Bobby looks over to Richard’s chair and sees that it’s empty.

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