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Evil comes out on top

In the parking lot elevator, Richard complains that “I’m fine” to Helen and Detective Mike, who both ask if he wants to keep the security. Is there a point? Mike thinks that there’s no point in hurting Richard now, because the trial is over. Yeah, except that whole issue entitled Revenge. A car squeals through the parking lot and alarms the three of them, and against their better judgment, Richard doesn’t want to keep the security. He repeats that he’s fine again, says that his car is right over there, and mutters goodbye to Helen and Mike. Richard walks quietly over to his car, and another car comes up and parks behind him. A nice, old grandmotherly woman rolls down her window and asks, “Are you leaving?” Richard, who was holding his briefcase in front of his chest, sighs in relief and answers, “Yes.” Then he mutters to himself something about the fact that the woman is “eighty” and he shouldn’t be so jumpy. She smiles and waits patiently for him to get into his car. Richard turns the car on, shaking his head, and the lady pulls forward, revealing a machine gun. Yes, that’s correct, A MACHINE GUN. Instantly, both the car and Richard are riddled with bullets. After the attack car squeals away, one tire of his car is flattened, his body is punctured by lots of bullet holes, and we see Richard’s bloody head fall on the steering wheel. Damn. He’s dead. Damn. He didn’t even have time to duck.

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The Practice




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