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The Witness Room Of Jackie’s Pain. Ellenor is laying down said law. Jackie claims that, back in his “shrink” days, the doctor told him that, when he’s feeling powerless, he acts more brave and tough. Murdering Drug Dealer -- The Musical comes up as Jackie continues, “Now my life’s been taken away from me. I’m sitting in a cell all day. My future is in the hands of this eyewitness. I guess I just wanted to feel more powerful than him, and so I said that.” Ellenor and Bobby don’t look convinced. I’m thinking Jackie liked life a little better when he was the one doing the locking up in The Green Mile, not being the one behind the bars.

The Trial Of Murderous Pain. A girl rather closely resembling Lisa from Boston Public is on the stand, relaying the events of the death of her boyfriend Anthony. This is the kid that Jackie shot “by accident.” Shockingly, her name is Lisa too. My cat cuddles up beside me. She knows I need some love. We bond. We snuggle. We giggle at how ridiculous DEK can be sometimes. Oh, right. The trial: Blah Anthony had just brought me home blah. Talking in the car blah. Richard “Bemused, Besmirched And Bewildered” Bay asks, although he knows it’s hard, if Lisa remembers where the car was parked. Yes. It was in front of her building. Ellenor has the Lara Flynn Boyle eye make-up troubles today. The Sonata Of Life-Sucking Incidents rises up so we take notice of the “seriousness” of Lisa’s testimony; blah her boyfriend was going to play basketball for BU blah. Blah half smile, that’s all he could talk about sometimes, cracking voice blah. “Then the windows started breaking.” Richard: “On which side of the car.” Lisa: “His.” Pause. “He’d been shot.” Richard: “Where?” Lisa, with tears in her eyes: “In the head, and he just looked at me. He didn’t understand what was happening.” Um. If I were Bobby, I would have objected. How the heck does she know what Anthony was thinking when he got shot? The whole thing could have happened so fast that he might not have had a clue about anything. Bam! And you’re dead. Or maybe his life was flashing by like at the end of American Beauty. I know it’s callous but puh-lease, enough with the grandstanding already. First Ellenor consoles Lisa about how hard it must be to testify; then she asks if she saw the person who shot Anthony, or if she saw Jackie at all. The answer to both of Ellenor’s questions is no. In the jury box today, we have Scowling Man and Shiitake Mushroom Head Woman. Ellenor has no more questions, but she does say, in a muted, reserved sort of tone, that she is sorry for the loss of Lisa’s friend. The judge asks Richard to continue. He stands up and calls Detective Mike to the stand.

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