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Oh. The Season Finale. Oh. Joy. Oh. Bliss. On Mother’s Day no less.

New Day In The Jail Of Never-Ending Penal Pain. Jackie “One Night At McDonnell’s” Cahill is pacing as Bobby explains how he thinks the rest of the trial will go. The prosecution has one more witness, and then they’ll rest. Jackie says, “They’re guarding his house.” Bobby wraps his hands around each other like a cinnamon bun. Rod looks taken aback that a) Jackie would know this and b) that he would bring it up at all. The slippery one wonders “why the hell” the cops would “do that.” Ellenor is convincing as she says, “It’s a murder trial, Jackie. I’m sure it’s routine.” Nah. He doesn’t think so. If the case were federal, maybe, but state -- nah, they won’t protect a witness unless they think he’s in danger. Jackie makes the necessary connections, but Bobby does a good job of defusing the situation: “Richard Bay is a smart man. He doesn’t need me to know his witness should be protected.” Jackie smarts, “That’s not exactly a denial, Bobby.” The verbal banter continues; Bobby accuses Jackie of sending someone out to spy on the witness, and Jackie in turn threatens his lawyer. Who in turn threatens Jackie. Who in turn screams, “Who said I was going to take him out. I never said I was going to take him out!” Ellenor, the only sensible one in the room, tells the two of them to stop with the antagonism and focus on the case, because it doesn’t look so good. This shuts both of them up, but it doesn’t stop the barreling steam cascading from Jackie’s ears. He sighs and holds his fingers up to his face like a gun: “What if I have an alibi.” Bobby snits, “What are you talking about?” Okay, is Jackie paying Bobby for the attitude, because it sure seems like he’s giving some good tone. The Sonata Of Surprise Alibis throws Bobby off course as he exclaims that he can’t offer alibi evidence in the middle of the trial. Apparently, there is a procedure they need to follow. They have to let the prosecution know in advance. What the hell is this alibi, anyway? Jackie snarls, “I am innocent! Do you get that? And this alibi is legit.” Bobby screams, “Why didn’t you tell me about it sooner?” Jackie pauses. We all feel the dramatic tension. Yawn. Ellenor repeats the question: “Why didn’t you tell us about this witness before, Jackie?” Well, because there’s a warrant out for his arrest in New York, and he didn’t want to come forward because it’ll mean jail time for him. This stops Bobby for a second, but only a second; you can see the wheels turning.

The Elevator Where Pain Walks, And Talks. Bobby curses up a blue streak. Ellenor tells him to calm down. If Jackie says he has an alibi, it’s his defense. As defense lawyers, that’s what they do, they interview “the guy” and they put him on the stand. Bobby: “If the judge will even let us.”

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