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The Firm Where They Employ Pain. Helen fills Bobby and Helen in on Jackie’s latest exploit. Then she cracks, “Does he know that knocking off the DA won’t do much? We do have more.” Heh. Bobby admits that they told Jackie that Richard was a hard prosecutor, but not to worry, the Emperor will “set him straight.” Ellenor shakes her head and says, “Idiot.” Blah Richard’s bent on continuing blah.

When confronted in his holding cell, Jackie says incredulously, “I’m as shocked as you are.” Ellenor asks if Jackie thought that killing the DA would actually do him some good. See, even though he keeps saying he’s innocent, Jackie oozes guilt. Then he wants Ellenor and Bobby off the case because of their bad attitude. Bobby snaps that the judge won’t let them at this point. Then he throws his hands around for good measure. Just so Jackie knows he’s serious. Jackie: “What if I told him that your disgust prevents you from doing your best work.” Hah -- apparently Bobby does his best work when he is the most disgusted. Thus, the trial goes forward, yeah, and going after Bay? Yeah, that’ll get you nothing. Jackie rebuts, “Nothing? You underestimate the value of a smile.” Are you as confused as I am? “It’s the simple pleasures, Counsel.” And that means…what? That it makes Jackie smile to think about Richard’s pain? That it makes Jackie happy to revel in other people’s fear? What a strange little wiener.

Jackie’s Trial. Guy the Viking is giving his testimony. He heard loud pops that sounded like explosions. Then, when he looked up from inside his car, he saw a man walking across the street, firing. The bullets were going everywhere. Richard clarifies, “This was in daylight.” Yup, the middle of the day. Blah what happened next blah, the man kept shooting at the guy who was lying on the sidewalk, blah he walked up and shot right at the guy’s head. How far away was Guy the Viking? Maybe sixty feet, no more. Richard looks a little startled, but he continues. The music prods him on like a cattle pusher. “Do you see the man who was shooting that day?” Guy the Witness points Jackie out by using his entire arm in a Rod-inspired gesture. Richard asks that the record reflect that the witness identified Jackie Cahill. Then, as Richard says “nothing further” and moves over toward his table to sit down, the music stops. Bobby is up for cross-examination. Well, Guy the Viking was taking a nap just before the shooting started. He works two jobs. He “dozed off.” Bobby reels off the whole “you were sleeping how do you know what you know you heard” argument. Blah did you only see him from the side; blah you were scared; blah you ducked down in your car. Guy the Viking: “But I saw him. It was him!” He points again toward Jackie. Bobby makes some snarky comments about Richard’s instructions for testimony and then sits back down. Richard asks, and is granted, a re-direct. Only, when he gets up, the music prevents him from speaking for an instant, maybe two. Then he strides forward toward the witness box, exclaiming, “The windows of your car, they’re tinted?” Yeah, Guy the Viking says. He got a good look at Jackie, but Jackie couldn’t see him, and when Richard asks him for the third time if he knows who shot Biggs, Mr. Ross points again at Bobby’s client. Oh, this is not looking good for the D-Fence. The Commonwealth rests. The D-Fence rests. This one’s going to be short and sweet, music or no music.

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