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The Firm. Drive-By Psychiatrist X is interviewing Bobby. For some reason, Lindsay is present. Because Bobby can't do anything by himself these days. Perhaps she's making up for the fact that she wasn't at the hospital when he received his beating. Now she's going to be there for her man no matter what. Uh-huh. Leonard continues his "therapy" session. Honestly, Bobby wants no part of this; in fact, he is openly hostile toward the man. Lindsay tries to reason with him, but then Leonard asks to speak with Rod alone. He says, "The people who love us most want to help but their concern can overwhelm." Rod then tells him to "get the hell out of" his office. Heh. Leonard insists that what happened wasn't Rod's fault. Rod doesn't blame anyone. He just wants to get rid of Leonard. Leonard thinks Rod is in good shape; he leaves his card in case Bobby changes his mind about talking. Oh, and then he pulls out a contract and asks the Emperor to sign it; the little piece of paper exonerates the state from any liability. Bobby screams, "Wait a minute! This releases the state from any lawsuits!" Leonard mutters, "That's just one part of the form." Bobby: "That's why you're here? To cover the Commonwealth's ass?"

Cut to outside, where Bobby is pushing Leonard "Call Me Lenny" Welsh out of The Firm. He's got Leonard's arm turned around behind him and literally throws the guy out. Eugene tries to tell him to calm down, but you know that Rod, never showing his emotions or anything; it's just a temper-tantrum. It's nothing to get worked up about; yawn. Bobby: "He's from the attorney general's office. He's looking for a release so I won't sue." Lindsay, doing her best impression of Jamie Lee Curtis, says, "What?" Whew. Rod is M.A.D. mad. He wants Rebecca to start researching cases about the state's failure to maintain workspaces, et cetera. He's so mad that his entire face is red. He's spitting. His eyes are about to bulge out of his head. Oh, but remember, he's doing all of this without showing ANY EMOTION. Remember. Lindsay wants Bobby to hold on. Only Rod is on a roll: "The state is to blame for this. Where the hell were the guards?" When Lindsay walks forward to try to comfort her obviously upset husband, he shouts, "Either help me with this or leave me alone!"

Ray's Trial Whereby He May Escape His Pain. Mystery Defense Witness X is on the stand. He explains that he knew Bowman "on the outside." Apparently, Ray's cellmate was a dealer and a banger, and he was moving drugs on the inside as well. Harris explains that once Bowman shorted him on a balloon of coke. "That was disrespecting me. He had to pay for that." Ray: "Why didn't you kill him yourself?" Mystery Defense Witness X responds, "It ain't easy getting a guy who knows you're coming. He was a big boy. I got respect for size." Ray asks, "I told you I didn't want to do it, right?" Mystery Defense Witness X explains that he didn't give McMurphy much of a choice, it was Ray or Bowman, and so the word got out that if you "punked" Harris, then you died. Ray thanks his witness and sits down.

Alan stands up and asks, "When did you and the defendant come up with this story?" Mystery Defense Witness X says, "It's the truth." Alan doesn't believe him. He keeps badgering him: "Was it yesterday, when the two of you were bussed in from state prison for your court proceedings?" Mystery Defense Witness X repeats the whole dealer-outside-banger story. Alan reminds the defendant that he's been convicted of rape, robbery, perjury, and murder. Harris says he's actually been convicted of three murders. Alan: "And you're about to be convicted of a fourth." Harris: "I'm a bad man." Then Alan tells him that he's a convicted liar. Harris just says okay. Alan: "So when the defendant asked you to lie for him, you had nothing to lose, another conviction for perjury or murder, it doesn't matter." Ellenor whisper-advises: "Object, argumentative." Ray whisper-says, "He's okay." The two men are continuing their verbal sparring. Mystery Defense Witness X says, "What are you talking about?" Alan continues, "You lie for him, there's no downside. There's an upside." Harris asks, "What's that?" Well, then McMurphy owes him. McMurphy is now an ally. That's key in prison for a guy who has as many enemies as poor Mystery Defense Witness X. Harris says, "I got no idea what you mean." There is steam coming from Alan's pretty little ears as he glances over to the judge.

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