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Judge Mantz's Chamber Of Painful Little Secrets. Alan wants to strike all of Mystery Defense Witness X's testimony as unreliable. The judge insists that that's the jury's decision. Well, then, Alan wants him to instruct the jury to throw out the necessity defense. Mantz turns to Ellenor for a response. She balks. And then argues, "Black-letter law. He can't be convicted if he killed out of necessity. Mr. Harris said he told my client kill Bowman or be killed." Mantz leans forward as Ellenor continues, "Necessity is a defense to murder in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts." Alan argues that you can only raise that defense if death is an immediate concern. The "Stand-By" Counselor responds by stating that the rule of law is different in a prison. Ouch. Well, Alan doesn't like that line either. He barks that Ellenor herself knows her client has no defense. All the while, Ray is standing there quietly, almost too quietly. The two lawyers start to bicker. The judge won't strike down the man's defense. Alan snarks, "Why not just instruct the jury to acquit him!" Which is, of course, the wrong thing to say, because Mantz tells Alan that McMurphy manages to conduct himself with more professionalism, and show the court more respect, than Hunky D.A. is capable of. Then Mantz decides to "bring down the jury and proceed to closing arguments." With that, Alan storms out of the courtroom. He's a poor loser, and do you know what, we love him for it.

Blah closing arguments blah. Hunky D.A.: Yeah, yeah, yeah, he's guilty, yeah. The cell. The shank. The blood. The stabbing. The death. The evidence. Necessity defense is necessary. The end.

Blah closing remarks blah. Ray: This is one of the best days in my life. Blah no one listens to me in my life. He's made stupid mistakes. He's paid for them. "Being in prison is the worst thing in the world." Blah men are animals blah. Blah no choice blah. Blah necessity blah.

Advantage: McMurphy.

The Firm Where Bobby Whines About His Unmanageable Pain. Rebecca brings some research to her boss. Can you feel it? A Rebecca Lecture coming on? Of course, we can't have an episode or two without A Rebecca Lecture. Blah Lindsay is worried, blah they're all worried; blah what can we do to help blah. Rod: "Thanks for the cases." Oh no, she doesn't get the hint; she continues, "Bobby. You attacked a man. Threw him out of the office. You're always there to help everybody in The Firm." Pause. "But for you, Bobby. You're selfish." Oh, damn, there's that Coke again. My poor nose is getting a workout. What comedy this is. Bobby, selfless when it comes to his friends and family! Ha! How funny! All they want to do is help. Oddly enough, Rod ignores Rebecca and gets to work.

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