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Client Room Where Ray Pontificates On His Pain. Ellenor walks in and sees that Ray is now wearing the suit Lucy brought for him. Well, Ray imagines that since there's nothing left but the verdict, he should at least look nice toward the end. He's sitting up on the counter, toward the side of the room. He seems very calm. They've brushed his hair all back, so it looks shorter. Ellenor: "What did you do to your hair?" Ray: "I gave myself a little trim. Figured if I wanted to look good, I should look good." Where did he get the scissors? Yeah, well, he took those from the judge's chambers. The music twinkle-twinkles as Ellenor says, "You seem depressed. What's going on?" For the eight-hundredth time, he wasn't kidding when he said he couldn't go back to prison. Apparently, Bowman was really popular. He'll definitely be killed when he gets back to prison. That's why he wanted the trial to move forward so quickly. Except don't court dates take forever to arrive? Isn't it possible that Ray could have been waiting for up to a year before his actual trial? Wouldn't that give his enemies ample time to stick him for killing Bowman? Any. Way. Ellenor thinks she might be able to get him into protective custody. But he's still got the remaining sentence on the robbery. She looks around the room. Asks, "Where's the guard." She pulls up the blind, and then looks around the room for a second. Then she says, "Oh! My! God! Ray!" As she notices the body stuffed under the table. Uhhh huh. There's never been a guard anywhere but outside a client room before. In ANY of the episodes I've seen of The Practice. Ellenor rushes over to the guard as Ray pulls the blinds back. Damn. That guard is really, really dead. Ray stuffed the scissors right into the man's chest. Okay. He must have gone to the bathroom to cut his hair in the first place. That means he would have changed by then. And the blood from this gruesome murder would have ended up somewhere on his face, on his hands, on his freaking clothes. Goodness gracious, this is a silly, silly show. Ray says, "Judge Mantz really should be more careful with his scissors." Blah. Ray's got the guard's gun. Ellenor says, "You will never get out of here." Blah court security, blah faces the entrances, blah don't check as they're leaving, blah he's well-dressed.

Ray leads Ellenor down the hallway. They wait for the elevator. Some cops pass them by. They get in the elevator. Of course, NO ONE ELSE needs to get on or off the freaking thing. He leads Ellenor outside toward a waiting cab. On his way toward the cab, he says, "Oh, it's been a long time. Thanks for walking me out, Ellenor. Not that you had a choice." He wants her to ask the jury what they thought of his closing. He wants suggestions for next time. Ellenor watches him get into the cab, then sort of half-walks, half-runs back to the courthouse.

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