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In Rod They Bash

Cut to Mantz, whisper-shocked: "What?" Then he goes ahead and takes the verdict, and the foreman finds McMurphy not guilty on all counts. Damn. A defendant acting as his own counsel defeated Alan. Mantz slams his gavel and finishes the trial.

The Palace Of Rod. Lindsay is folding baby blankets. ["Oh yeah, they have a baby." -- Sars] The two of them are listening to the fake news talk about Ray's fantastical escape from prison life. Yeah, like that's going to last. A haircut and a fancy suit will only get you so far. Unless you're The Fugitive, and I don't think any network has plans to resurrect that one for third time around. Lindsay tries to be supportive. She'll help Bobby draft his lawsuit against the state. He mumbles that there isn't going to be any lawsuit. She starts rubbing his arm like he's a cat. Somehow, the television has been turned off. Bobby: "I don't know if I can do this anymore." Oh, here come the emotions. Blah going to die, blah never see our son, blah never see Lindsay again, blah can't stop being a lawyer, blah he's scared, blah helpless, blah he doesn't know what to do. Lindsay says, "I do." And then she cuddles. That's right. She dives into his arms. Because a good cuddle will end all of his troubles. What freaking ever.

Next week: Helen re-creates some early memories of her television career. She and Bobby get involved with the F.B.I. Do you think that Kyle McLachlan might make a guest appearance? Naw, that's too much to hope for.

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