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Suffering County Courthouse. Rod is back in action. He's got a client. Helen is, of course, the D.A. in this particular case. Now, just like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Delaney, LFB's gotten herself some bangs. And you know what? They look nice. They soften her hair a bit. Give the ponytail some '50s-style bounce. And if you tell anyone I actually complimented LFB, I'll kill you -- all of you. Okay, so Helen is explaining that the trial regarding the defendant's assault charge was supposed to begin last week, only Bobby was in the hospital. The judge asks Rod when he'll be "back in the saddle." Ahem -- only after he "gets his legs." Do you think the fellow that wrote this episode has been watching way, way too much John Wayne lately? Rod insists that he's back now -- in the saddle, that is. The judge explains that he's had a case plead out and that he's ready to start today. Bobby looks stunned. In fact, if I could digress just for a minute, LFB's bangs make her look a lot younger. It's harder to notice the pancake make-up and the ridiculous blue eyeliner. Right, back on track, Bobby's still stunned. He asks for a moment with his client. He bends down to some nameless, faceless criminal and asks him what he wants to do. Apparently, Client X just wants to get the trial over and done with. Helen sits down facing forward. Bobby whispers that under the law, Client X is entitled to more time. Client X: "Do I want more time?" Well, the music sort of thinks that you do. Bobby thinks that more time never hurts. That more time allows him to "investigate the defense." Yeah. Right. Step down off the horse, Donnell. Retire the saddle. Cut your legs back off. You're not ready to be back at work. Thankfully, Helen pipes up and says that she's just realized she's got a scheduling conflict. The trial is delayed until June 6. Is that okay with Bobby's client? Yes. The judge adjourns the case. On his way out, Client X says, "Bobby. We need to talk." Rod puts him off by saying he'll come and see him. Helen and her fancy bangs walk over to her ex-lover. All of them tell Bobby to take care of himself. Ah, that Helen. She's not so cold-hearted after all, now is she?

The other side of the Suffering County Courthouse Where There Is No Rainbow, Only Pain. Judge Mantz explains the concept of "pro se" to the jury. Blah represent himself blah. Blah standby counsel blah. Then he instructs the jury to draw conclusions only from evidence and not from performance, because Ray hasn't any experience.

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