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Holding Cell Of Hellish Pain. A guard leads Bobby down the path of self-realization. It's longer and wider than the yellow brick road and not half as much fun. As Rod sees his client in the cell, he has visions of Bull-beatings dance around in his head. He makes up some lame excuse about how he got paged, and books. Ah, Rod, you're such a baby; grow up and get over it already.

The Firm. A tubby fellow wearing a white shirt and standard issue facial hair comes into the office. He asks if Bobby Donnell is in. Lucy asks who he is and he says he's Leonard Welsh, a counselor from the state outreach program. Apparently, they are funded by the legislature to help crime victims. Lindsay snarks, "'Victim' is not a word he likes, and anyway, he's already given his statement to the D.A." Welsh isn't from the D.A.'s office; he's there just to make sure that Rod is okay. Aw, his own personal drop-in therapist. And who says the medical profession is lacking in customer care?

Back to Ray's Day In Pain. Again, we interrupt this broadcast to bring you a conversation already in progress. Ellenor: "This is your defense?" Mystery Defense Witness X rattles off some tale about how Bowman cheated him out of some money for a drug deal. So, he told McMurphy that if he didn't kill Bowman, Mystery Defense Witness X would kill him. Ellenor: "Is any of this true?" Ah, it's kind of sweet that the gravelly-voiced, tough-as-nails Mystery Defense Witness X is upset that Ellenor thinks he's a liar. Ray wants to know if Ellenor has another means by which he can get his story out there. Ellenor: "You don't have a story. The jury is not going to believe a word he says." Ray argues, "The jury is going to believe that he's a scary dude [Yup. He's one scary dude. Honest] and they're going to believe that I would do whatever he told me to do." Ellenor turns to Mystery Defense Witness X and tells him that he'll be convicted of perjury. Again, Mystery Defense Witness X tells the lawyer that he isn't lying, and plus, he's serving three consecutive life terms; he's not too worried about perjury. Ray: "Ellenor, think about it, if he testifies, I don't have to." Blah in his other trials, blah she said, blah iffy if he testified, blah bad for the jury blah. If Ray testifies, his priors come in, and that could be problematic. You have to admit that what Ray says is making sense. Ellenor insists that she can't let them obstruct justice. Ray: "You said juries convict guys based on priors. Right now they don't know what I did and they'll never know if I don't testify." Whew. Ray is very animated. He's also pleased; he thinks having Mystery Defense Witness X, or "Harris" as he's called, testify for him is a good out. They argue about the truth issue. And Ray's right; Ellenor has no idea if the story is true or not, and because this is The Practice, she'll embark on no journey whatsoever to try to find out the real story.

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