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May he please rest in peace

The Trial For The Totally Irrelevant. Some dude who looks like a caricature of Dave Eggers rambles on about being innocent. His name is Wendell. He and Rebecca, his lawyer, are discussing a deal offered by the DA’s office. Rebecca explains that the offer doesn’t have anything to do with what the prosecution believes, but how they feel about the case. Well, he wants to reject the offer. That’s his right. If he pleads guilty, people will think he killed his wife. Rebecca just wants to make sure he understands that he’s risking a life sentence if he goes to trial. Oh, the shock, somebody hold me back, I’m stunned. A client of The Firm’s actually wants to go to trial. Yawn.

The Firm Where Bobby Wallows In His Pain. Eugene gives the “there was nothing you could do” speech. Rod replies by giving him some of his cases. See, Bobby “The Emperor’s New Blues” Donnell is going to take some time off. Because Richard’s death is all about him. How long? Bobby says, “Maybe indefinitely.” Eugene doesn’t think that’s a good idea, but Ragdoll does. Go with my blessing Bobby -- go. Eugene thinks they “need” Bobby’s leadership because everyone’s trying to hold it together, and there are times when the people just need their leader. Then Eugene’s eyes turn black and roll back into his head from the pressure to hold up his leader all the time. That’s right, the PRESSURE.

Helen’s Office Of Organized Non-Crime. Helen wipes the floor with some lawyer named Powell. She says the offer is only good for one hour. Powell wants it in writing. Helen repeats that he has an hour. Powell complains. Wah, this is extortion, wah, you hung a snitch jacket on my client, wah, and it is a death threat. Helen: “Mr. Powell, if you’re turning down the deal then get out.” She sits at her desk. He caves, “Run it by me again.” But first Jackie gets immunity for Bay’s murder. Thirsty Powell the Nerd refuses to admit that his client had anything to do with that awful turn of events. Yeah, right -- he just happens to know who did murder the Runt. Helen’s hair is sticking out all over the place. It’s trying to run out of the bun. It simply can’t take it any more. Thirsty Powell asks, “What about his life sentence?” The DA replies that they’ll cut it to twenty years. How is she going to pull that off? Helen explains that Thirsty Powell will bring a motion to vacate the sentence, and she’ll support it. Does she think a judge will sign off? Of course, if said judge knows the deal was made to capture a district attorney killer, they’ll sign off on it. Helen’s got it all worked out. Thirsty Powell says he’ll take it to Jackie; the DA insists he get right on it, but not before she threatens, “The general prison population awaits [his client].”

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The Practice




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