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May he please rest in peace

Boring, Totally Unnecessary Plotline Of Pain. Blah dee uniform cop got to the house blah, Mrs. Foresly was lying beside the pool blah, blah dee she had no vitals blah. Yes, this woman willingly married a man named Wendell Foresly and then changed her name. Mr. Foresly was soaking wet. He’d just arrived home from work; he found his wife in the pool and then tried to get her out. The DA asks what time the cops arrived at the house. The uniform cop says it was just before ten. DA Bullock, a.k.a. Ellen’s Dad, interviews Wendell’s neighbour next. She saw him come home before eight. You know how she knows this? She’s positive. She was waiting for her dog to shit -- oops, I mean, “have his bowel movement,” before eight, because she wanted to get back inside to see Boston Public. Hum -- dog crap, BP, do we make the necessary connections? Along with a totally unnecessary storyline, DEK is now incessantly plugging his other shows in totally irrelevant ways. How does he stand the contrivance? How can he stand himself? I guess rolling around in piles and piles of money sort of isolates you from the regular world. Rebecca cross-examines Mrs. Mosher. Apparently, they’d been neighbours for three years. She describes Wendell as “gentle” and “kind.” The relationship with his wife had never been anything but loving. They never fought, and she never witnessed Wendell become violent in anyway.

The Hallway Where They Discuss Needless Amounts Of Pain. Jimmy thinks they should have pressed Mrs. Mosher harder on the time issue. Rebecca thinks the witness was too strong. Now, was BP running late that night? Rebecca checked; it wasn’t. The Lump isn’t convinced Ole Wendell is telling the truth. His co-counsel spouts the party line: Wendell was in shock. Oh, and he’s innocent. Yeah, the fact that Wendell was confused about the time he got home is the only reason he’s on trial. His dead wife is, of course, of no consequence. Are there any wives alive in Boston by the end of this season?

Jackie’s Cellblock Of Pain. Jackie “Cry Baby” Cahill, complete with teardrop tattoo, sits with one foot on the wall and the other on the floor as Helen stomps toward his cell. She hands Thirsty Powell a file. Thirsty Powell says the deal is conditional on Jackie only giving up the shooter. Helen wants everyone who was remotely involved in Richard’s murder. Jackie says quietly, “There was just one guy.” Helen: “A witness saw a woman driving the car.” Yeah, that was Booming Granny, the shooter’s mother. They live together. They commit crimes together. You know the drill. Thirsty Powell barks at the folder because it says thirty years instead of twenty. Helen doesn’t even blink an eye: “Amend it. If it turns out anyone else is involved, the deal is off.” The defense attorney amends the deal, asks Helen to sign the papers, and finally, after all the finagling, Jackie gives up the shooter. His name is Bruce Manning, and he lives in the south end of Boston. That’s all Helen needs and she’s off, clomping her way back out of the cellblock and into some trouble.

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The Practice




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