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May he please rest in peace

The Conference Room Of Wendell’s Pain. With Wendell and Jimmy in the room, Rebecca explains how the testimony for tomorrow consists of their experts. These doctors will explain away all of the prosecution’s evidence. Lucy, forever on call as a receptionist/counselor/waitress, interrupts the meeting to let Rebecca know that the DA has arrived. The lawyer says, “Now?” The “assistant” responds, “He says it’s important.”

Bullock is waiting in Bobby’s office for the two of them. He thanks them for seeing him, and then admits that the situation is “slightly embarrassing.” Jimmy cracks, “What? You caught the real killer?” Bullock doesn’t flinch: “You could say that, Jimmy.” Rebecca wants to know what’s going on. Well, it seems that Wendell has an alias. That means he changed his name from something to Wendell. Of all the names to pick, why would you pick that one? Why not something sexier? Apparently, Wendell’s real name is Peter Bryant, and he was arrested six years ago in Indiana for strangling his wife. The Theme Of Tripped-Up Tales trips over itself to get into the scene. Rebecca looks shocked. Heh -- not only did Wendell, a.k.a. “Peter,” move to Boston to make a new life for himself, but he also left another tasty morsel of life’s adventures behind: he strangled an eleven-year-old girl when he was fourteen and served time until he was twenty-one. To make matters worse, the DA simply has to inform Rebecca that Wendell the Wunderkind also used to strangle chickens. That’s right. He used to trespass onto farms and kill hundreds of chickens. I’ll bet the cast of Chicken Run wasn’t too happy to hear that tidbit.

Cut to Jimmy and Rebecca entering the conference room. They are still being serenaded by the music. Wendell wants to know “what’s up.” As if he didn’t have a clue. Wendell, I mean, Peter, I mean, Wendell looks at the file Jimmy tosses on the table. He says he was acquitted. Jimmy walks around the table while explaining how the DA is going to try to get Wendell/Peter’s priors admitted. Rebecca is strangely quiet. Wendell looks down at his hands and asks, “Is manslaughter still on the table?” Feeling cheeky, the Lump quips, “Wanna tell us about the chickens?” Heh.

Jackie’s Joint, Where He Prays For Pain. Helen, in her best funeral blacks and a string of Jackie O pearls, walks up to Jackie’s cell. Of course, Jackie is posed in some prison stance, looking pissed. He says, “You killed him?” Helen explains to Jackie that she’s not satisfied that he turned over everyone involved in Richard’s murder. Effectually, she nullifies the deal they signed yesterday. Now, in addition to looking pissed, Jackie actually is pissed. Oh, Thirsty Powell is there too. Jackie seethes as his lawyer screams, “We have a signed agreement.” Helen doesn’t care. She’s got The Vendetta to keep her warm. Oh, and a nice comfy comforter neatly spun from Contrivance for those nights when the thermometer dips below zero. Thirsty Powell informs Helen that he’s going to take her to court for breaking their contract. Jackie threatens, “You don’t think I can hit you from inside?” He grabs onto the bars, wishing he could bend them like Superman. She walks back to finish him off: “I was so hoping you were going to say that.” Clomp, clomp, and she’s off to bury her buddy.

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