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May he please rest in peace

Kittleson’s Chamber Of Restricting The Pain. Jimmy and Bullock argue on and on about the prior bad acts. Jimmy makes a case for the fact that Wendell/Peter’s juvenile records are sealed, ensuring that only one act is effectively able to be entered into the court’s record, and one strangulation does not a serial killer make. Bullock wants the records in; he argues that Wendell/Peter’s going to kill again. Kittleson can almost guarantee that fact, but she bound and tied by the law -- the prior bad acts simply aren’t admissible. Bullock whines, “So we’re just going to pretend this didn’t happen?” Kittleson rules for Team Chicken Killer. Of all people, it’s Rebecca who really doesn’t like the ruling; she leaves the judge’s chambers with a pained look on her face.

Just outside Kittleson’s chambers, Jimmy asks if Rebecca is all right. She sits on a bench and holds her hand to her chest. Ah, she’s upset about the Runt’s murder. Oh, there’s nothing like a senseless ratings-grabber-murder to force every single character on this show to face up to his or her own mortality. Yawn. Poor Rebecca -- she really needed this one to be innocent. She needed this client to justify her existence as a defense attorney. There are tears in her eyes. Oh, Rebecca’s talents are so wasted on this tripe. With her voice wavering, Rebecca continues her woe-is-me speech: “Jimmy. He’s going to kill again.” Of course he’s going to kill again. He’s a serial killer. He murders innocent chickens, for god’s sake. Thank goodness Jimmy’s got a head on his shoulders. He says the fact that Wendell is a nutcase isn’t something they should be thinking about. Rebecca doesn’t like this answer, and she starts screaming, “It’s not even something we should be thinking about!” And “What are we doing then Jimmy?” I see: DEK only trots Rebecca out during the really dramatic scenes.

The Courtroom Where They Hold Up Helen’s Quest For Pain. Thirsty Powell whines about Helen breaking “basic contract law.” Then he blathers on about due process and how Jackie deserves the benefit of what he “bargained” for. He says that Helen has acted in “blatant bad faith,” and brings up the fact that Richard’s murderer is now dead. Helen argues that their investigation of Bay’s murder has been severely undermined by the death of the shooter. Odd -- I didn’t think they had been conducting an investigation. She brings up the fact that Jackie ordered the hit on Bay and has since threatened her in the same manner. Essentially, Helen’s argument is that Jackie’s a bad-ass and she’s a lawyer; that seems to be enough explanation for totally going back on your word, but, then again, being honourable has never been one of her strong points.

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The Practice




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