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May he please rest in peace

Just outside the courtroom, Helen runs into Bobby. He still looks frumpy and disheveled. The Reality Of The Job has really gotten to him. He says, “I’m sorry. I know how close you two were.” Oh, Bobby feels responsible about Richard’s death. Of COURSE he feels responsible for Richard’s death, because EVERYTHING is within the realm of his responsibility. Helen ends up comforting HIM. Oh Bobby, for the love of Elvis Costello, please get over your damn self. Helen asks if he’s okay, he’s not, both of their eyes well up with Actor Tears, and then they embrace.

We Must Finish This Trial. Rebecca makes her closing arguments. For being so cracked up about what a crackpot her client is, she does a great job. By the end of her speech, you can tell the jury is on her side. There is a strong tenacity to Rebecca’s voice as she claims the prosecution really doesn’t have any sustainable evidence. Then she explains away what little physical evidence they do have. Shock goes a long way as a defense for murder. Bullock gives it a good try, but the decision is already made. This wouldn’t be The Practice if justice were actually served.

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. Honest. It’s almost over. Helen and Thirsty Powell rise as Judge White enters the courtroom. The judge has reviewed the contract. He thinks Helen’s promises were against public policy, regardless of whether or not they’ve been upheld. Blah the contract might even be unenforceable, blah Massachusetts’ laws blah, only a jury shall determine a degree of murder blah, but plea bargains are upheld everyday. Ms. Gamble’s deceit/trickery/bad faith is against public policy. BUT he still honours the plea agreement. AND the judge tacks on seventy-five years just because Jackie threatened to kill Helen. It would be nice if a sense of higher justice were upheld instead of the judge’s decisions always bowing to Helen’s own moral standards. Sometimes, it’s almost as if she built the legal system upon which they all stand. Thirsty Powell walks up to Helen and snarks, “You think you honoured Richard Bay in all of this? You think that cowboy up there just ratified you?” Helen tells him to go away. He doesn’t listen: “Richard Bay was a man of integrity.” Ha. “He was a man of his word.” Ha! "He honoured the law.” Ha. Helen complains that she has to go to a funeral. Thirsty Powell hopes that she pays tribute to the Runt there, because neither she nor the judge did so in court today.

Rebecca twiddles with an elastic band while she and Jimmy wait with The Man Of The Chicken Massacre for their verdict. Wendell gets “the feeling” that she doesn’t really want him to win. Jimmy “Sherlock Homely” Berluti takes this moment to do a little investigative reporting. He wants to know what Wendell/Peter’s motive was for murdering his wife. We take this moment to make ourselves a cup of tea. Then we do a load of laundry. And then we vacuum and dust. Water the plants. Make a cake. Develop some photographs. In fact, we do anything just to avoid DEK’s ode to the insane. Blah Wendell was turned on by the power, blah life is a delicate thing he held in his hands, blah it was alive, blah until he strangled it. The Strings Of Strangulation power up. He and his wife were kissing. Barf. She seemed so “alive,” so of course he had to kill her. The guard interrupts his confession by announcing the jury has returned with their verdict.

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