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May he please rest in peace

Where they find him not guilty. Kittleson dismisses the defendant and the jury. Wendell/Peter thanks Rebecca, who turns to him desperately: “You need help, Wendell.” Oh, he’d go to a therapist, he really would, but they might tell someone and he doesn’t want to risk going to jail. He claims he can control himself, thanks Rebecca again, and then leaves. It’s that simple. Wendell lives on, free to strangle another unsuspecting barnyard animal.

The Final Resting Place Of Richard’s Pain. Oh. Good. Lord. The coffin is draped in an American flag. The church is outrageously huge. Helen has to take WWF Monster Steps up to the pulpit. Helen’s eulogy is the biggest piece of crap I’ve heard in a long time. And it’s totally anticlimactic for a season finale. I never thought I’d be saying this, but where is a habit-wearing, Ellenor-stalking serial killer when you need one? Oh, Richard was a DA; he was a public servant who left behind a legacy of truth, justice, and integrity. Yeah, that’s all true, except the "truth, justice, and integrity" part. As Helen blathers on about how she’s crapped all over Richard’s legacy in the past few days, the camera pauses on each member of the cast, one by freaking one. She throws in “public servant” about sixteen times before she gets to the honest truth: a lot of people didn’t like Richard, but he considered them friends anyway. Those people are some of Helen’s best friends, because, in essence, even the death of the Runt is somewhat about her. Honestly, at least she’s not quoting Dylan Thomas. Then she starts yammering on about how fantastic it is to be a defense attorney, how they fight for the rights of the innocent, and how “those people,” not-so-loosely translating to “Bobby,” have come to doubt themselves in the wake of Richard’s death. Wow. Apparently, Richard never doubted the beast known as “the defense attorney.” In fact, he respected them enormously. Yeah, in between calling them rats, snakes, or despicable, horrible, unconscionable pathetic losers, he really thought the world of The Firm. When he wasn’t kicking people in the shins, he was really looking out for the innocent and not just a pathological DA on the warpath. Helen chokes back some fake tears. Blah apparently Richard confided in Helen a final wish: if he died, he wanted everyone to know he tried his “very best.” If Heath Ledger can travel back to the fourteenth century and still be singing Queen, I guess Hollywood can make anything plausible. Okay, maybe they can’t. It’s a good thing I went to the dentist today and can’t eat solid foods or else they’d be all over my keyboard right about now. Blah Richard was a kind man, a man who was a dedicated PUBLIC SERVANT. There is a choir. I think they probably confused themselves for a minute and ended up here instead of on Ally McBeal. The choir sings. There are non-poignant moments of various cast members touching the coffin. There is a Richard montage. Is Jason Kravits dead in real life? I thought crap like this was reserved for the Oscars. Then the episode ends with a walking shot of the cast like that scene from Armageddon -- you know, when all the rock-drilling fake astronauts prepare to blast off and save the earth. The choir sings “we’ll never get to heaven until you reach that day” as the camera moves past the Emperor, pauses defiantly on his regal head, and on to Rebecca and then Eugene. After what seems like an hour, we fade into black. The freaking end, and we’ll see you next season.

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