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This week's episode opens with Lindsay "The Run-it-my-way Bride" Dole asking Bobby "Am I Groomed" Donnell if he's ready to go to the printers for their wedding invitations. An astounded groom-to-be exclaims that he'd completely forgotten and is instead scheduled to give "the Strauss" deposition at ten. He barks at Jimmy about "the discovery being over on Peters?" while Lindsay complains that he promised to go to the printers with her. Bobby "the Juggler" Donnell starts apologizing to Lindsay while flaunting his legal know-how about the Strauss case at the same time, and everyone starts to talk at once. The lawyers yak about the case, and Lindsay whines about his lack of attention to the details of their wedding. As she's showing Bobby the mock-ups of the invitations, Jimmy leans over Lindsay's shoulder and says, "Embossing is nice!" To which Lindsay "The Snapper" Dole responds, "I didn't ask you." Bobby glances at them for a minute, but Lucy tells him he’s going to be late for the deposition and again interrupts his concentration: "White with a gold border" is his final decision. "That wasn't one of the choices!" Lindsay snivels. "You asked my opinion," her groom replies and starts to rush out the door when Lucy says under her breath, "It doesn't mean she wanted it!" The firm ripples with the effects of Bobby leaping out the front door. Lindsay, exasperated, says, "Huh. He didn't even look," and runs off to cry in the corner. Okay, she doesn't exactly run off, and well, she doesn't cry, but we all know it’s her party and she’ll cry if she wants too.

Cut to Bobby racing toward his car. He presses one of those fancy "unlock my car" keychain things and starts to move toward the driver's door. At that instant, he's attacked from behind by a scraggly-looking white man with short dark hair (if I had to give a police description) wearing a navy blue jacket. With his face pushed deep into the hood of the car and the camera focused tightly on his head, Bobby mumbles, "Here's the keys." The thug replies, "That ain't gonna do it." Bobby says, "Here's the wallet." Again, "That ain't gonna do it either." Wait! We see it's not a scraggly mugger; it's Donnie Wahlberg! And instantly Ragdoll breaks out into song on her plaid couch, screams and then passes out, fondly remembering NKOTB -- oh oh oho The Right Stuff! Ohmigod it’s Donnie Wahlberg! The guest star bashes Bobby around a bit, smugly remarking, "Maybe you didn't see the gun." Bobby says, again with his face mashed into the hood of his car, "Take my watch, my ATM cards, whatever." His response: "I want you, Bobby Donnell. I came for you."

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