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When all your friends are murderers

The Hospital of Marsha's Intrusive Pain. Mrs. Ellison is lying in a hospital gown on an operating-like table. A doctor-cum-medical technician is asking her to hold still. The hair on my arms is standing up. I can't imagine going through the whole someone-got-shot-in-my-bed ordeal and then being subjected to a cavity search. The only thing that might make it worse is having Tom Green film it all for comedy's sake. Marsha says, "And people wonder if we're becoming a police state." Ellenor toughens up; she's going to be all over them on this, she promises Marsha. I half-expect Jan to come tumbling out and have them start to sing a duet called "Oh Happy Day!" or something. Marsha jiggles. The Young But Ever So Irritating Doctor Technician asks her to hold still and tells her "it shouldn't hurt." Yeah, that's because a) he's a MAN and b) he's the one doing the speculum shoving and not the speculum receiving. Marsha sits up and freaks out on the doctor, and then she calls him Dr. Fingers. Heh. Certainly not a painless experience. We're with you on that one, Mrs. Ellison. Maybe you could have your brother cut off his ear.

Helen's Office Where She Deals in Pain. She's on the phone. Then she turns on the 24-hour Boston news station breaking the story. Because all kinds of news breaks in Boston after midnight that just has to be broadcast. Because no television station in Boston is showing David Letterman or Jay freaking Leno at this time -- right. Any. Way. Annoying News Anchor One confirms that there was a shooting at the Senator's house. Unconfirmed reports state that the Senator was, in fact, home at the time. A Bigwig of a District Attorney busts into Helen's news reverie. With him comes Hunky DA. Ah. Welcome, Hunky DA, welcome -- just be sure to show up for all of your scheduled appointments and please, please don't let your cubicle come crashing to the ground. The Fancy Pants DA asks the obvious "I'm the boss around here" question: Where are we? Helen stands up, looks a little suspiciously over at Hunky DA, and tells him that the Senator is in custody, they have the gun, and they're getting the warrants issues to search the house tonight. Ellison is not talking, and that's not likely to change. Then, Boss Man introduces Alan Lowe, and states that he's just come over from Middlesex. Livingston looks kind of like he was in basic training for a couple of months, fell out of an airplane into France somewhere, shot some Germans, cleaned himself up, splashed on some Old Spice, and wandered over to the set of The Practice, and you've got to love him for it. Helen says, "Hello," and "Why does he care?" Well, because he's going to be her Number Two. Blah Mr. Lowe's reputation is that he hates being a Number Two, dee she doesn't need any back-up, dum he gets that Helen is first chair, blah. Then, Boss Man tells him to, um, "use him." Hey, Helen, you could pass him over here; I'm sure we could find a good use for him. Helen sits back down on her chair. She barks, "Don't second-guess. Don't even talk. We'll get along just fine." He leans over her desk. "You can start by overseeing the warrants." Alan: "Can I ask why you made an arrest so quickly?" Helen: "See. You're talking." Heh. Helen does make a very good bitch. He's not second-guessing; he's just asking. The only way Helen could search Mrs. Ellison was to make a showing she's not a suspect. The only way of doing that was to arrest the Senator. "Anything else?" Hunky DA says no. Good. Off he trots to work on the warrants, but not before he does this cute little half-smiling thing in Helen's general direction. Yummy!

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