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When all your friends are murderers

The Firm. Eugene is very busy becoming dictator. He's assigning roles to the various members of the team who do not have friends presently on trial for murder. Jimmy is charged with the neighbourhood, to see if anyone saw or heard anything. Eugene will take the employees at Mrs. Ellison's firm. Lucy, whose breasts have quadrupled in the last few months -- thankfully, she's entered puberty -- is charged with staying on top of the incident reports. Lindsay has to schedule jury consultants that she needs to hire today. And Rebecca is told to research insanity defenses, heat-of-passion stuff. Then Rebecca complains about being put on research. She hates being put on research. Why can't she do field work? Eugene: "Because Jimmy and I are better at it. Sorry for that answer." Okay. I guess brutal honesty is Eugene's mandate for this season. Lindsay, from behind her desk, points a pencil down to the paper meticulously placed there by some poor prop person in charge of fake files and whines, "Is everyone assigned to this case?" Yes. Eugene's rationale: Like it or not, The Firm will be defined by this one case. Not the eight hundred other high-profile cases they just can't seem to avoid. Yawn. Blah they want to win blah.

Helen's Office That Reeks of Absolute Pain. Allison spreads her story around along with some complete and utter crap. Blah she and her father had just come home from a movie, blah the movie was sold out; blah they got home early, blah she went to her room. A piano dribbles. She had gone to the bathroom and was getting ready to call a friend. Then she heard screaming and yelling. Helen asks if she recognized the voices. Hunky DA gives her a good, straight, hunky kind of look. Helen repeats her question. No. She didn't recognize the voices. After a few seconds, she heard a pop, then more screaming. She ran down the hall. Cue flashback. A black-and-white mother and father are screaming at each other. Then, Allison saw the Dead Man. He was bleeding, and his eyes were still open. Gross. Allison wipes a carefully placed tear from her cheek. The prosecutor asks if Allison heard what her mother and father were screaming about. She didn't. Helen asks if Allison saw blood on her father's clothes. The girl doesn't remember. Oh, Helen's steely resolve is melting, and she's getting kind of testy as she asks after the gun. Allison didn't see the gun. Hunky DA pipes up and asks Allison what she thought happened. Unfortunately for them, she doesn't know. Hunky DA: "If you had to hazard a guess." Ellenor objects; she doesn't have to make guesses. Hunky DA slaps Ellenor around for a bit with his verbal intimidations, and they get into it, and Bobby waves the white towel: "Why don't you just ask her some questions." Yawn. Helen snarks, "Yes. That would be nice." The Symphony of Suspected Senators bleeps on and on in the background. Helen grabs her pencil. They love pencils on this show. Helen starts badgering the girl. Who is way, way under the age of consent and should probably have a parent or two present alongside her lawyers. Did you ask your parents what happened? No. Did you know what happened? No. You didn't know what had happened and you didn't ask. Correct. Helen sighs. Then the DA tries to blame Ellenor and Bobby for the fact that the interview is essentially going nowhere. Bobby tells Allison not to answer. Helen threatens him with tampering. He dares her to try. Hunky DA jumps on the tampering bandwagon. Again, Bobby tells both of them to get off the "did you have a conversation with your lawyer" line of questioning. Allison insists she's told them everything she knows. The Gods of Redundancy can't save me from this scene. Yawn. I do some yoga. Then I figure I have time for a power nap. Then I decide to go for a jog. Then I design a bunch of flyers. Take my cat for a walk. Make a sandwich. And still. They. Are. Not. Finished. With. This. Useless. Frigging. Scene.

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