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The Candidate, Part I

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When all your friends are murderers

Helen's Office For Motivating Plenty of Pain. Detective Mike stumbles in, bringing "sort of" good news to the troops. They can now prove that the gun was his, but there was a negative amount of trace metal and no powder burns. Is there anything to prove the affair? Hunky DA asks about hair in the bed. Well, there were some, but they could be old. It's not looking good for the prosecution, and they know it. Mike reassures Helen that it's early in the game. She doesn't look convinced.

The Emperor Rod's Office of Pre-Pain Preparation. Marsha insists that the prosecution will never be able to prove the affair. No one ever saw them together. They had a good routine. The Dead Man had his own set of keys to her car. He'd scramble in, duck down, and they'd drive away. Ellenor explains the enormous risk of jury contamination because of the high-profile nature of the case. She asks the Ellisons to tell them what happened. Keith thinks that's dangerous. Ellenor says something about maybe he'll have to get other lawyers. Keith explodes, "No! I want your firm!" The Emperor Rod insists that the prosecution will be able to prove the Senator's wife's affair; couple that with the fact that his gun was used and that he was found at the scene, punctuate it all with a couple of good finger points, and you've got a serious plea from Bobby for them to tell the whole story. It might give them something to go on. Ellenor begs Keith as a friend to trust them, and advises him to tell them what happened. He hangs his head, which cues the music, and the story. He thought that someone was attacking Marsha. He grabbed the gun from his safe. Went upstairs quickly, to the bedroom, saw the stranger on his wife, and squeezed the trigger. It all happened very quickly -- for Ellison that is. For the audience, well, we're subjected to this story over and over and over again. Luckily, we have the black-and-white play-by-play to guide us, in case we couldn't see, hear, or understand the Senator clearly enough. He just didn't realize what had really been going on. Ellenor: "The problem with that -- the gun was wiped clean of prints, your clothes were in the washer. The question will be if you thought you were justified, why did you try to cover your tracks." Marsha pipes up. She was the one cleaning and washing. She was just protecting her husband. Bobby wants to know if Marsha will testify that her husband was acting in defense of her; of course. Bobby says Eureka! They'll argue Mistaken Defense of Others. It's a form of self-defense. Keith insists he'd like to make a statement for himself. Rod shakes his head; it's not a good idea. The Senator insists. He'll keep it short. Bobby repeats, "It's a bad idea."

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The Practice




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