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The Candidate, Part I

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When all your friends are murderers

Just so that Eugene can counter with his own "it's a great idea!" If they tailor what the Senator is going to say, what's the harm? His going before the cameras will influence the same jury the prosecution is trying to get at, and if the Senator talks, even more cameras will be rolling. The Firm argues the merits of going on the elements, changing venues, and some other legal jabberwocky. Self-defense is their best hope, so sayeth Eugene, so sayeth the Lump, so sayeth the rest.

Oh, the Barenaked Ladies. Have I ever been more embarrassed to a) be from Toronto and b) be a supporter of Canadian music?

Ah, Boston. It's morning. Helen is running down their position for the boss. She calls the affair between Mrs. Ellison and the Dead Man "immaculate." Alan Lowe busts into Helen's office, blathering on about "the press conference." He grabs Helen's remote and switches the TV on to a fake news channel.

The Fancy Firm of Press-Conference Pain. The Senator stands awash in flash, looking humble and contrite. He's appearing against the advice of counsel. He tells the whole sordid story because the public has a right to know.

Helen's Office. Alan screams, "Can you believe this?" Helen shushes him. And they all continue to watch the Senator on her television. He relays the same story that he did in Bobby's office. His speech is rehearsed, calm, even confident without being arrogant. He mistook the passion for rage, and shot a man who was committing adultery; he didn't realize this until it was too late. In his mind, he saw a deadly threat of violence against his wife. Crescendo. Cue violins. Keith: "I accept responsibility and I ask for no one's forgiveness." Do you think DEK is jealous of Aaron Sorkin for getting to write about the White House and all kinds of fancy press conferences?

Cue Alan Lowe raging against the press in the other direction. He thinks the Senator is despicable for refusing to talk to the police or the prosecution, choosing instead to win his battles in the press. In fact, he finds it personally disgusting. They expected something desperate: "It's an anemic Hail Mary from a guilty murderer." Hunky DA raises his voice a little too much: "Why was the gun wiped free of fingerprints? Why were his clothes thrown in the washer?" Blah miscarriage of justice, blah what a cover-up, blah Clinton parallels blah. Oh, the DA is honourable. They're going to put the guilty politicians in jail; no favours for "eloquent speakers." If you kill someone, you're going to jail.

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