The Practice
The Candidate, Part II

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Twist, shout, then twist again

The Firm. The lawyers are seated around the Table of Plotting Possible Defense Devices, reviewing the events of the day. Ellenor thinks it was a weak showing by the prosecution. Up next: Jason Perlmather, former aide to the Senator. Ellenor's ready. Ellenor is always ready. She turns to Lindsay and asks what the consultants thought: Maguire, good; calling the police after the lawyer, bad. Oh, and they thought The Emperor was "a little aggressive." Rod pouts. Methinks they hurt his feewings. He wooks like he's going to cwy. Poor Empewor. Ultimately, the jury consultants believed Maguire. How does one get a gig as a jury consultant? Seems pretty sweet to me. The news from Lindsay sours the mood, but only for a moment.

The Trial of Senator Ellison's Big "Mistaken" Pain. Said aide is on the stand. Hunky DA is questioning him. Apparently, the days before the shooting found the Senator acting out of sorts. Hunky DA straightens his Hawaiian shirt, flips off his Birkenstocks, and asks: "How were you in a position to know this, Mr. Perlmather?" Well, he was the Senator's aide; he was with him for up to twelve hours a day. "Did you ask him what was wrong?" Ellenor objects. The Hunk counter-argues that it is a declaration against interest or something. I'm too busy focusing on his chin to really understand what he was saying. Moving on -- the aide thought the Senator was having trouble at home: "After working for him for eleven years, I developed a pretty good barometer for when things weren't going well [in the marriage]." Yes, you heard me. He used the word "barometer" without cracking up and spitting his soda crackers all over Hunky DA. Ellenor gets up and smacks down the whole Senator Ellison Barometer Boy argument. Yadda yadda he was guessing, blah he worked with the Senator for eleven years, blah.

The Resounding Roundtable of Pain. Lindsay informs her glorious co-workers they are "in some trouble." Why? For the jury to believe the Senator's story, everything in court needs to be going their way, and it's just not, what with the suggestion of marital trouble. Okay, except that every single couple on the face of this earth has had some trouble at some point in time. If anything, that would signal that the relationship is, oh, I don't know -- normal. They bicker about whether Keith really did shoot the guy by mistake. Bobby asks who's up next for the prosecution. The Lump says it's Sandra Levy, the woman who works with Marsha, but because the affair has already been established, he's a little confused as to why they are still calling her. Okay, these are Jimmy's exact words: "There's nothing she could say that would hurt us." Keep that in mind for later in this episode. They discuss more prosecution strategy, specifically whether or not Team Get Him, And Get Him Good is going to call Allison.

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The Practice




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