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The Candidate, Part II

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Twist, shout, then twist again

Meanwhile, Helen and Hunky DA are talking about the very same thing over a beer and a fake meal. Imagine that -- a contrived conversation on The Practice. Ah, I am so not shocked. Helen thinks that it would work in their favour to have Allison up there on the stand; if they believed she was lying to protect her father, the courtroom would believe it too. Alan leans in, takes a deep breath, and exhorts: "Now, Helen, they're planning to call her. That means they prepped her for cross. It's too dangerous." Then he asks if she's ready with Levy. Helen twiddles her fingers over her crossed arms in a faux-Ally McBeal moment. Then she says, "Do you hear what they're calling us on the news?" Pause. "The Steam Team." Oh. Good. Lord. I am laughing so hard I don't know whether or not to breathe or roll my eyes. Alan asks, "Why's that?" Perhaps because they're "steamy." Bwah ha ha ha ha! A pathetic attempt at sexual innuendo follows. It's too embarrassing to even type. They bond. They whine. They postulate. They pose. Blah, hurry up and get it on already.

Fake news reporters are out in droves, covering the trial. Rod and Eugene watch the coverage in Rod's office. Jack Quinn, fake news reporter number twelve who has appeared on this show, comments on how the defense is really bearing the Beast of Burden regarding the case. Eugene has a bad feeling. Bobby whines, "But we haven't even put on our case." Number Two responds, "A big part of our case is Marsha's unflinching support, which isn't so great right now."

The Trial Where They Convince You of Pain. Ms. Levy is on the stand. I'm not even going to go there with all the not-so-subtle references to current events that DEK is throwing out this episode. She states that she, Mrs. Ellison, and Mr. Ellison were all at an office party. Mr. McNown was the Chief Financial Officer of their company, and he was Ms. Levy's boss. Helen asks what Ms. Levy saw at the party. Well, she saw Mrs. Ellison and Mr. McNown "dart" into an office. Then she pressed her ear up against the door and listened carefully because she suspected there was something going on between them. She heard Mrs. Ellison was angry. She heard Mrs. Ellison say, "It has to stop." Did you hear anything else? No. A few seconds later, Mr. Ellison went into the room. The Strings of Surprise Testimony bleat into the background. Jimmy's face falls. Ellenor loses her poker face. Especially when Ms. Levy says that she overheard the Senator say, "I will not be humiliated." Then he stormed out too. Ms. Levy, are you positive this was two days before the shooting. Yes. She is absolutely positive. A steaming mad Lump rises from his hot seat. He tries to take her out with his non-verbal non-battery, but when Jimmy asks why she didn't tell him about Senator Ellison entering the office after McNown, she responds with a simple "You didn't ask." Damn. It's not often that The Lump screws up this badly, and even he knows it.

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