The Practice
The Candidate, Part II

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Twist, shout, then twist again

The day of heavy courtroom back-and-forth ends, and the usual fake reporter community follows Team D-Fence out toward the client room. Bobby keeps saying "no comment." Once inside the client room, Jimmy starts yelling about Levy's testimony being "unfair surprise." The Emperor wipes the imaginary chalkboard clean with wide sweeping gestures before he breaks into a rousing chorus of "Well, I know my name is Simon, and the things I draw come true." Then he yells back, "But it isn't unfair surprise!" He sweeps his arm back in front of him like he's bowing to his partner after a square dance, or to the Queen. You take your pick. "She was on their list." Jimmy mutters something. Ellenor starts screaming: "It isn't unfair surprise, Jimmy. It was a screw-up and it was yours. How could you miss something?" Jimmy tries to redeem himself by claiming that Ms. Levy is lying. Ellenor walks toward Keith and asks, "Was she lying, Keith?" The Melody of Massive Mistakes tweaks. "You knew." Ellenor clenches her teeth: "You knew about the affair." Pause. Twiddle. Pause. "So you murdered him." Bobby says Ellenor's name. She snaps, "I am talking to the client." Bobby counters with a little "I'm not interested in what the client has to say." Blah he tells her she's not interested in anything the client has to say. Marsha wants them to see if the DA's office is still willing to plead. Ellison doesn't want to plead the case out. The couple starts to bicker. If he pleads out now, the world will think he's guilty. Marsha: Still thinking about becoming governor, you can't be serious. Keith: That woman doesn't know what she heard. Marsha: Oh, don't be an idiot! Keith: She can't be sure. Marsha: You are guilty in everyone's eyes. Ellison reaches his breaking point and makes like he's going to slap Marsha straight across the face. He composes himself. Allison watches her parents while looking a mixture of uncomfortable and really upset. Ellenor, Bobby, and Jimmy just stare at the Senator, who walks over to the window. Bobby takes control. He doesn't think the DA will offer anything at this time. The only course is to proceed with the self-defense argument. They strategize about how to deal with Ms. Levy's testimony. They rally around the cause. Bobby exits to check with the clerk to see when they go back. A single tear slides down Allison's young, impressionable face. Yawn.

Blah more fake reporters blah.

Bobby tells his co-workers to turn off the television. Rebecca wants them to change the plea to insanity. It's late. They are grasping at straws. Emperor Rod says no. The judge would never allow it. "Where's Jimmy?" Lindsay says he's in the conference room. Then Rod calls to Ellenor, who gets up, preparing for the spit-fest that is essentially the boss's admonishment for telling off Jimmy in front of a client. Blah never again blah. Apparently, they don't need to be inviting malpractice claims along with losing the case. Then he heads into the conference room to console Jimmy. Blah mistakes happen. Blah never again blah. Jimmy sort of half-smiles through his misery.

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The Practice




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