The Practice
The Candidate, Part II

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Twist, shout, then twist again

The Media Circus in Front of the House of Pain. Ellenor and Bobby arrive at the Senator's house. They make their way through the crowd.

In the living room, Ellenor and Bobby sit on one couch diagonally facing Senator and Mrs. Ellison. Ellenor: "Your fate is obviously in your hands now. For your testimony you can maintain self-defense." Blah you have a gift when it comes to persuasion blah. Blah juries are loath to convict celebrities. Blah. Ellenor advises him to do a "big mea culpa" and admit that he acted in a rage. Ellison: "What would be the purpose of that?" Bobby butts in, "I think the jury might believe it and you'd have a shot at manslaughter." The lawyers are afraid that the jury won't believe Keith's confession and will then convict him of murder. Keith shakes his head, bouncing to the Coda of Cracking Cases, and says, "Those aren't choices, Ellen-ner." Blah you people are miracle workers. Whine I want my miracle. Chortle: Give me my miracle! Allison wells up again. Ellenor: "It's not coming, Keith." Pause. "Now tell us what you want to do." He's going to take the stand, and he's going to testify that he acted in self-defense. Ellenor says, "You're going to go to prison." No, he's not. Dammit! He's not.

The Very Next Day. Things are not looking good for Team Ellison. Keith is quietly reflecting over a cup of coffee. Ellenor enters the client room and pontificates: "You remember how we used to talk Shakespeare." He quips, "You're about to tell me I've become your favourite tragic hero." Blah their friendship waned. Blah she became a blight, blah the unseemly defense attorney, blah. Not great photo-ops to be seen with an attorney who defends rapists. Don't you worry, Keith; Ellenor gets it. Keith protests. In fact, he even looks upset. Blah he came to her, because blah charged with murder, blah they're the best. Yawn. He needs to "listen to the expertise you hired." Ellenor: "If you stick with self-defense you will lose." If he tells everyone he lied, his life will be over. Blah family blah. Blah his wife's going to leave anyway -- more non-dramatic, non-tension-building crap. They whisper-argue. I can't win this. Yes, you can. The music clatters on and on. All we need is one juror! Keith: "People love me, Ellen-ner. They love me." Yawn. People at MBTV do love you, Dylan Baker, but not as Senator Ellison. As Senator Ellison, you suck, because DEK sucks.

Fake reporters. One of them pushes Ellenor into a wall. Boy, it's a jungle out there.

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The Practice




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