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Humble Harland

Previously on The Practice: Harland Bassett makes an ass out of himself and never wins a trial. Then he asks Eugene to help him with a case involving a drug company. Eugene complains about Harland's track record. He doesn't want to end up embarrassed if he does agree to help him with this case. Bobby asks for an update and then proceeds to get annoyed by Eugene's involvement. James Rebhorn guest stars as a top-notch civil litigation lawyer. The pharmaceutical company named in Harland's suit refuses to deal. Eugene finally agrees to help Harland after he meets the young girl, Annie Mullen, whose liver failed as a result of the antibiotics

The Firm Where They Prove The Existence Of Pain. Jimmy "The Lump Before Time" Berluti explains to the Mullens that the hardest part about their case is actually proving that the drug caused Annie's liver to fail. Mr. Mullen wants to know if they have to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. Eugene "A Harland In Time Saves Nine" Young replies, "No. That's the criminal standard. The burden here is the preponderance of the evidence." Mrs. Mullen wants to know where Harland is hiding. Eugene brings her back on course; he doesn't believe they're going to win the trial. The goal is to do well enough to ensure that Hayden Laboratories settles. Then he gets up to check on Harland, who is in the bathroom and looks like ten miles of bad road. That's ten miles of pot-holed, greased down, lines faded, cracked-up backyard cottage road. He's splashing water on his face and staring at himself in the mirror. Harland: "Could you take the meeting?" Eugene snaps back, "Take the meeting? It's a pretrial. They want to talk to you." Harland "The Thin Hair Line" Bassett isn't feeling too well. The Harmony Of Hapless Harland hopes to restore some of the man's dignity as he explains to Eugene that he thinks he's having an anxiety attack. His brow is sweaty. His remaining hair is disheveled, and his eyes look tired. Eugene wants to know if he should tell the Mullens to wait. Harland turns around: "No." Pause. Harland: "I'm okay." As he walks toward the door, Harland grabs his chest, exclaims, "Can't get air!" and then falls flat on his face. Eugene is rushing to his side as we wind up and into the credits.

Okay. I will gladly endure the hell of these credits if the journalists of the world over would finally agree to stop talking about Renée Zellweger and the weight she gained/lost for Bridget Jones's Diary. Enough is enough already.

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