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Humble Harland

Harland's next witness is the pathologist who determined that drug toxicity was the reason for the liver failure. Annie sits next to the lawyer's table, wearing a hippie-inspired/gang-colours/dollar-store hair kerchief, looking yellow and sickly. The doctor believes it was the Reflexin. Two weeks after Annie took the drug, she needed an emergency transplant. She had no medical history, and the doctor found no other factors that would have contributed to the failure. Harland walks dramatically toward the juror's box while asking why the Reflexin caused her liver to fail. Sometimes, the drug can overwhelm the liver. Are children particularly susceptible? The doctor says that children are particularly vulnerable because, for whatever reason, because they have immature livers. He asserts the need to not treat children like little adults. Their systems are complex and difficult in their own rights. The pathologist says, "That's why this drug should have been tested on children." Harland, dramatically: "But was it?" I feel like I've been transplanted back to Perry Mason. No.

Cut to Rebhorn's cross. Are you aware of research that suggests Reflexin causes liver failure? Blah dee Hayden's own data indicated a high level of liver involvement blah. Rebhorn: "What percent had an elevated liver involvement?" Blah dee two percent blah. Are there other drugs that cause similar liver activity? Yes. Rebhorn: "A few? Many?" The doctor doesn't answer immediately, leaving the silence wide open for Rebhorn to interject, "Do you know how many people would die if they took the drugs off the market?" Objection! Sustained. The defense continues by stating that typically children's livers are more resilient than adults. The pathologist agrees, but only grudgingly. Rebbie thanks the doctor, high-fives the judge, and winks. Thus the boring medical testimony ends. Yawn.

The Witness Room Where They Discuss Their Case Of Pain. Eugene holds his tie and sits down at the table where the Mullens, the Lump, and the air-through-the-paper-bag-inhaling Harland Bassett are sitting. Eugene thinks it was a good start. Mrs. Mullen thinks it seemed like the doctors admitted that they weren't sure what caused Annie's liver failure. Reminding them that proof is tough, Eugene thinks they got a good start. Annie wants to know why her lawyer is breathing into the paper bag. Harland breaks away from the bag to respond, "It works -- you get more oxygen that way." Oh, that wacky Harland. Mr. Mullen wants to know what's next. Annie. Oh, the sun'll come up tomorrow, betcha bottom dollar that tomorrow, oh, sorry, Annie's on the stand, not in the musical. Is she ready? Yes. Harland jumps on the Annie train: "You're going to do great!" Then he resumes sucking on that bag like it's the last bit of oxygen left on earth and he refuses to share it with the rest of the survivors. Oh, that wacky Harland, oh.

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