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Humble Harland

Just Outside The Courthouse. Annie leans uncomfortably over a water fountain as Jimmy explains that this would be the time they'd be getting an offer from the defense. In fact, Eugene is having dinner with Rebhorn tonight. Like I said, a tasty crow entrée with maybe a little rice on the side, some apple pie for dessert. Mrs. Mullen thinks it's a good sign that they've at least agreed on dinner. Annie rolls on up and says, "I'm sorry." Harland wants to know why she apologizing. Well, for not telling anyone about the sleepover. Her parents ground her for eternity. Okay, maybe they just look at her with concerned eyes while Harland says everything's going to be just fine.

The Dinner Of Posturing For The Most Pain. Eugene thinks they're winning. Rebhorn won't concede that, but he has been trying to get Hayden to settle. What gives? The drug company is angry. The pediatrician mucked up, then settled out with the promise to testify and, well, the pharmaceutical company is pissed. Eugene: "Give me something. Admit it. Harland Bassett has done better than you thought he would." Rebhorn agrees. If it were up to him, he'd have thrown in the towel long, long ago.

An Empty Pizza Box, Three Lawyers, And A Non-Settlement For Pain. Eugene walks in on Harland and Jimmy, who are hard at work. He breaks the bad news about the fact that the drug company won't settle. They set their minds forward. The first witness for the defense is their liver specialist, Dr. Peter Kendall.

Cut to "Dr." Kendall testifying that Reflexin is not the most likely cause of Ms. Mullen's liver failure. Rebbie wants to know if he can be sure. Absolutely; viral infection is the most common cause of liver failure in children. Annie was just getting over the stomach flu, and that bug most likely caused her liver to collapse. Can he state this with a medical certainty? No. Blah the cause of liver failure in kids is unknown blah, blah there's no cause found blah, here she had a viral infection blah likely culprit blah. Harland beats down the specialist: the majority of stomach flus do not cause liver failure, the speed at which her liver failed is more consistent with liver toxicity, you can't rule out that Reflexin played a part, et cetera. Harland's crowning moment: "Doctor, how many times have you testified for drug companies?" He can't be sure. Is it more than fifty or a hundred? Yes, probably it is. Have you ever testified for a plaintiff? Nope. Pop! goes the weasel.

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