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Humble Harland

But Rebbie is only offering two hundred and twenty-five. The three lawyers surround Rebhorn like sharks even though he towers over all of them. Eugene thinks it was a half a million cross-examination. That's all Hayden is offering. Rebbie thinks he might be able to convince them to throw in their fees, "let's say goodbye to this at three." Eugene: "Four." Nope, three's the number. No. Okay, so they're back in court. Harland exhales, "We just turned down three hundred thousand dollars." Whew.

Oh Boston, Good Morning. The Emperor O Holy Rod comes into the office and says, "Lucy?" The receptionist/counselor/psychologist is asleep on her desk. Bobby walks into his office, where Eugene, Jimmy, and Harland are all crashed out in various different positions. One's on the couch, and the other two are all splayed out on the chairs, looking like cats in the sunshine at noon. Rod demands to know how late they stayed up. Long enough for morning breath to kick in, I imagine. Jimmy asks what time it is, and Bobby tells them its seven-thirty. What time did they finish? The Lump thinks they all closed their eyes for a little rest around four. Harland starts complaining about how he needs to go home and change. Eugene tells Bobby that Hayden offered three. Bobby: "And you turned it down?" Yes. They turned it down. Oh travesty, they didn't end a valuable, life-altering trial for the money, goodness. Perhaps they're doing it because it's the right thing to do. Sigh. The Emperor has so far to go. Bobby thinks Harland is a buffoon. Jimmy explains how he's different this trial, "he's in some kind of zone." When have you ever known him not to screw things up? Wow, now who is the doubting Thomas? Shut up, Bobby. Put a sock in it.

Harland closes, and he doesn't screw up. Reflexin is bad. Annie Mullen ended up liverless and lost her opportunity for a normal life. Harland does manage to have the defense object once in the middle of the closing, but after that it's smooth sailing. Oh, and the fake juror? Yeah, she's still making that face.

Rebbie closes, and he doesn't screw up either. He's quite poised. Blah fact and merit blah. Fact: the cause of most liver failure is unknown. Fact: the stomach flu caused the failure. Fact: the FDA reviewed Reflexin. Blah use the drug as it was intended blah. It's the doctor's fault, not the Reflexin's.

La Final Commercials.

Boston, Oh Glorious City Of Pain. Eugene comes up behind Harland, who is sitting on a bench outside the courtroom. His hair looks like a wet rag doused in kerosene waiting for a match. As Eugene joins him on the bench, he tells Harland, "No matter what happens, Harland, you tried a great case." Harland wishes he could have done more with the medicals. There was nothing more to do. Harland doesn't know how he's ever going to repay Eugene. Rebbie joins the two of them, unbuttons his jacket, waits for The Requiem Of Reflexin to start, and offers four hundred thousand. Pause. Pause. Harland mumbles that he needs a second with co-counsel. Eugene doesn't know how to advise him. If they win, and he doesn't know if they will, it should be more than four. What does his gut tell him? Only that he's going to throw up. You and me both, Harland -- you and me both. Despite what Harland's stomach is feeling, Eugene reminds him that they need to take the deal to the clients.

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