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Humble Harland

Cut to said clients waiting with Jimmy in the witness room. Mr. Mullen thinks if they are offering four, maybe that means the pharmaceutical company will go higher. Then he asks what Harland thinks; he, of course, wants to go to verdict. Mr. Mullen agrees. We're going to verdict. A beeper goes off; Harland looks at it and says, "Jerry's back? Whose Jerry?" Eugene: "That's 'jury.' The jury's back." Heh. Furtive glances from lawyer to mother and back to lawyer again. Harland: "And Eugene, I'm sure." The Hymn Of Harland Bassett leads us up and into the courtroom.

Where They Pay Out For Pain. The jury files in one by one. The envelope gets passed from juror to judge. Rebbie walks over and whispers that they'll settle for six hundred thousand. Harland asserts, "No!" Pause. Pause. Jimmy asks if Eugene can read the jury. Eugene just shakes his head. Judge McDonald reads the verdict, then asks the foreman his opinion, which he gives: "In the matter of Anne Mullen vs. Hayden Laboratories we find in favour of the plaintiff. We order the defendant to pay damages in the amount of five point six million dollars." Harland's Hymn turns into a Celebratory Howl as the verdict actually sinks in. Rebbie moves for a judgment notwithstanding the verdict. He continues on by stating that the evidence never actually established causation, and no reasonable jury could find that it did. He wants a new trial. He's hanging on with his nails to the rock face collapsing underneath his skinny frame. The music grates on. Harland squishes his brow. He looks like a groundhog. Judge McDonald denies the motion. He dismisses the jury and bangs his gavel. Harland hugs the Mullens. Eugene gets all choked up, and then he threatens to kill Jimmy if he tells anyone he was about to cry. Heh. Oh, Eugene, you are just so cute when you smile. Harland hugs Eugene, and I mean hugs him.

Next on The Practice: Bobby goes head-to-head with a violent client. Rod has his "radar" in full swing. Yawn. Isn't the season over yet?

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