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The Gap ads are not only annoying, but the "Hallelujah" girl can't dance. She can jiggle, but that doesn't count as dancing. She can wiggle but, again, that's not dancing. Either that or the choreographer had too many margaritas the night before he or she came in to shoot the video and did a literal interpretation of the contents of his or her stomach.

The Federal Court Of Pain. Eddie explains how Helen tricked him. Jimmy is leading him down the garden path of testimony. "She looked me right in the eye and told me I was going to die." Was he in actual fear of dying? Yes. Blah dee blah Paul Salucci, blah dee blah Dubya too, blah dee blah thought he had to confess or else he was dead. Sanders questions Eddie. Eddie looks dumb. Like dumber than dumb. Dumb & Dumber dumb. Helen is on the stand. She claims it was the idea that they had witnesses that made an impact on Eddie, not the whole "Dubya's gonna get ya" stuff. In her opinion, what did persuade Larson to confess? "Basically, he knew he was caught, his only shot for leniency was to co-operate." Jimmy attacks Helen's lack of honesty during this whole episode. Yawn. Poor Jimmy, poor baby's feeling were hurt when Helen gave, and then broke, her word. She cries legality. Jimmy puts her credibility at issue. He attacks her again. Are we friends? Sanders objects to Jimmy's use of the familiar. Helen snaps back, "I don't know, are we, Jimmy?" In this battle, I think Jimmy comes out on top. Helen looks cold and calculating --i.e. pretty much how she looks all the time, regardless of whether she has the law on her side. Anspaugh excuses the witness and asks if the D-Fence has anything else. Eugene makes a closing statement. Blah dee blah scare tactics, blah dee blah coercion blah. Željko makes his own closing statements. Blah dee read his rights blah, blah within the bounds of the law blah. I like Željko. I hope he'll become a regular. Now that would be cool. He's got a spark about him.

Break for a friendly message from Wal-Mart.

Federal Courthouse Of Waiting In Pain. Karen asks Jimmy if he thinks the decision will take long to make. The Lump thinks that because the judge asked everyone to "stick around," he might be quick. Karen wants to know what the lawyer thinks. Jimmy doesn't want her to get her hopes up, because judges don't necessarily like putting guilty men back on the streets, regardless of whether or not their confessions were coerced. Karen doesn't want her brother to lose his whole life; yeah, but Constance Reid's entire life is gone, and although it was an accident, Larson should pony up some responsibility for his actions. Eugene walks over and sits down. He explains that the prosecution still won't make a deal: "It's in the judge's hands, Karen." In another part of the hallway, Helen comforts Mr. Reid. He knows how hard she's tried. Helen tries to apologize for making a mistake, but the bailiff busts open the door, letting everyone know Marcott has made his decision.

Federal Courtroom Of Deciding Eddie's Pain. Marcott gives the gallery a lecture about the differences between objectivity and subjectivity. He imports the "reasonable man test" on the side of objectivity and states that a reasonable man would not have felt coerced by Helen's tactics. But the test has a modicum of subjectivity, because most criminals are stupid. In this case, the defendant is really, really, really stupid. Was the confession voluntary? Based on what Marcott has heard in his courtroom, he feels that Larson was coerced, and he's suppressing the confession. Therefore, the case is dismissed and the defendant is free to go. Again, Eddie thanks Jimmy and Eugene, and then embraces his sister. Eugene and Jimmy gather their briefcases and make their way out of the courtroom. But on the way out, Jimmy gives Helen one hell of a stink-eye. Lastly, we see the two D-Fence lawyers making their way toward the elevators with heavy hearts.

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