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The Accident Scene Of Immeasurable Pain. The doors on the ambulance close as we see Grieving Father and Where's Mommy tucked nicely into place. They are presumably being rushed to the hospital. Helen and Mike are interviewing the pick-up driver. He saw someone run away from the car after they collided. The driver couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman. Mike wants to know how far away "he" was running. The driver doesn't know. And he also didn't know seconds ago if it was a man or a woman. Why do they assume that it's a man? Anyhow, Helen wants to know if he saw his face. And now, he's a believer; he couldn't leave her if he tried. Oh, sorry -- for an instant there, I hoped we flashed back and were actually watching The Monkees. No, the driver didn't see his face. A uniform calls Detective Mike over from his patrol car. The officer explains, "We picked him up about a half mile south. Out of breath, bruises, he tried to run as soon as he saw us." Hey! It's J.B! You know, Danny's junkie friend from last season on NYPD Blue. Mike asks if J.B. has said anything. Nope, only that he didn't do it. Mike turns back to the uniform and orders that he "read him his rights." Done! Oh, this uniform is an eager beaver. "Get him back to interrogation and I'll meet you there." J.B. stares out over the scene of the accident with a glassy look on his face, his mouth wide open like he's setting a trap for one unsuspecting fly.

The Firm Where They Deal With Pain. Jimmy "The Lump" Berluti is complaining about working late. Wah. He promised Ellenor he'd be by with dinner a half hour ago. Lump wants to know why Rebecca can't work late. Um, because she's a set decoration and they don't ever work late. They are part of a union. Ragdoll wants to know why they don't hire more lawyers. Lucy, adding phone hostess to her ever-increasing résumé, tells Jimmy the food is waiting for him at pick-up. Slamming a file down on Rebecca's desk, Lump turns to his co-worker and says, "I'm just saying it's you and me every night, Eugene. Plus, I've got to bring Ellenor her food." Wow, Ellenor must really be swamped with the baby if she can't even call for take-out her own damn self. You know Jimmy's not going over there when the door opens and a woman rushes in, exclaiming, "Jimmy!" Like he's her long-lost brother or something. This woman has a porno voice; it's all husky and whispery. She needs some help. It's Eddie. But it isn't drugs this time. He may have killed somebody. Oh, great -- J.B. is a client of Jimmy's. Let the circus begin. It's Helen vs. the Firm, Part 845,908.

Interrogation Room Of Pain. J.B. is literally twiddling his thumbs. His mouth is still wide open. Helen peers through the glass. Mike says, "He must have been wearing gloves. None of the prints matched." They dusted the whole car already? No, just a single door. And not a single witness? Mike shakes his head: "Not yet." Helen asks, "What happened anyway? Do we know?" Insert plot background filler here: the husband went into buy diapers. The victim noticed that her husband left his wallet on the seat, and she ran into to give it to him and ran back out. The next thing, the husband hears screaming and sees his wife caught in the door and the car speeding away. We peer inside at J.B., who is still playing with his thumbs. They are providing him with hours of amusement. Helen asks, "And this guy?" I hate how we can see her reflection in the two-way mirror. It creeps me out. Like Helen is in a funhouse, only she's so skinny that the funny mirror makes her look relatively normal. Mike checks his police notepad and tells her J.B.'s got a string of drug-related arrests, but they found the victim's purse on the road near the place where the uniforms nabbed him. "What's his story?" Mike tries to contain his disgust: "Out jogging." Helen smirks. She doesn't believe that line for a second. Then she walks around Mike and puts her hand on the door: "Let me give it a shot. Alone."

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