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Enemy Of The State

She steps into the room and introduces herself. J.B. announces, "I didn't kill anybody." She asks if he's been read his rights. His answer: "I didn't do anything." She snarks, "I think you should let me speak for a second and then you can respond, okay?" He closes his mouth for a second, pouts, and then lets it fall open again. Helen lies about there being witnesses at the store who saw him get into the car. Eddie denies this. Helen lies again and says the driver of the other car also made out that it was Eddie. The DA trots out the party line, blah dee blah you were just trying to steal the car, blah dee blah we know this was an accident, blah dee blah if you cooperate, we can help you, blah bullshit blah. Eddie simply stares at Helen and says, "It wasn't me." The Toccata Of Terrible Liars swells up as Helen asks, "Who did you vote for, Eddie?" He just stares at her and I want to reach into the scene and snap his freaking mouth shut. "Did you vote for George W. Bush?" Because Dubya is Eddie's worst nightmare. Hey, he's everyone's worst nightmare. He proposed legislation to bring back the death penalty in every state. Helen doesn't blink her heavily mascara-coated lashes: "And it's about three weeks from passing here in Massachusetts." J.B.'s mouth: still wide open. She continues, "And I can tell you my office is just chomping for that first chance." Pause. Mouth shot. Unpause. "Here we have a carjacking, every citizen's biggest fear [whatever, Helen], a dead mother with a three-year-old child, the husband is a city councilman [yeah, right]." Insert toccata tide here. Pause. Pause. Pause. "You're going to die, Eddie." I can't believe he's falling for Helen's crap.

Outside of The Interrogation Room Of Pain. Jimmy comes into the police station with Karen Larson, Eddie's sister, in tow. Phones are ringing, and the office is extremely busy for so late at night. The Lump introduces himself to a nameless detective and explains that the cop shop is holding one of his clients and he'd like to see him.

Inside. Eddie: "And why would you help me?" That's the smartest thing he's said all night. Before she can answer, Detective Mike interrupts, walks toward Helen, and whispers in her ear. She looks up to him and says, "Now? He's right out there?" Now, we know she's talking about Jimmy, but she turns to Eddie and says, "Do you know who Paul Salucci is?" Eddie stares dumbly ahead, still, with his mouth agape as though he's about to munch on a very large sandwich with lots of cold cuts, lettuce, and covered in mustard. Well, he's the governor of Massachusetts and he's waiting outside. He's a friend of Dubya's. Huh? Helen excuses herself and gets up to leave the room. Eddie resumes playing with his thumbs.

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