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Outside. Helen struts up to the Lump and chastises him: "You were supposed to bring Ellenor her dinner!" He had Lucy do it. Oops, that's another occupation: restaurant delivery service. Jimmy tells Helen he represents Eddie Larson and then introduces his sister. Helen says, "Hello." But she's not very sincere; you can tell by the way she's got her arms wrapped around her teeny little midriff. Lump wants all questioning to stop. Helen shrugs, "Fine. We already finished actually. He's been taken to booking." How long until he's brought back up? Oh, they're not bringing him back up; Jimmy will have to wait until arraignment. Why? "Because that's the procedure. You know that. You can see him before he goes into court tomorrow." Jimmy nods and then says, "No more questioning." Like that's going to stop Helen -- police investigation is her heroin; she just can't ever seem to get enough. Then, Helen flat out lies to Jimmy and gives him her word that they won't continue to question Eddie, and as she walks back toward the interrogation room, she turns back and says, "She better have gotten her food." The Lump spits, "She did!" After Helen walks away, Jimmy explains the situation to Karen, and then the two of them leave.

Inside. Helen tells Eddie that Governor Salucci saw the news. He's not just Dubya's friend, but also Councilman Reid's. Damn. Eddie certainly believes he's gotten himself into a world of trouble. Helen continues, "You asked why I would want to help you." She looks down at him. "For me to be able to answer that I have to be able to trust you. Because what I am about to tell you could get me in trouble." I half expect Eddie to whisper under his hand while coughing, "Bullshit." You know that trick? Only he doesn't. He never tells Helen she's half cracked, never asks to see Governor Salucci if he's standing outside, never wants to know if Helen's full of crap; he just sits there with his mouth open, listening. The Wailing Wall Of Regret creeps up as Helen sits down and explains that she has a personal relationship with Eddie's lawyer. Blah dee blah friend of a friend of a friend, blah dee blah favour of a friend of a favour of a friend, blah dee blah does Eddie understand? Hell, I don't quite understand what Helen thinks she accomplishing, so how the heck could Eddie? She leans right in: "I'm the only person who can save your life." Pause. Pause. "Tell me what happened." Eddie shakes his head and then tells her what she wants to hear: "I only meant to steal the car. Somehow her jacket." His Wailing Wall continues to wail. "I never meant to kill her." Snot drips from his nose. Helen: "I know you didn't, Eddie." And she's got her man. She lied, she cheated, but she got her man.

There are many words to describe the dancing Gap commercials: "annoying" and "irritating" are a couple. Now it's your turn. I'll bet you can do better than I can.

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