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The Holding Cell Holding Eddie's Pain. Jimmy screams, "You confessed?" Eddie explains how the DA told him he'd get the death penalty if he didn't cooperate. Jimmy is astonished: "We don't have a death penalty in Massachusetts." Earnest Eddie explains that it's about to pass in three weeks. The Lump steps forward: "Who told you that?" The DA. "What else did she tell you?" Eddie: "That she could help. That she could do you a favour since you were friends with Karen." Jimmy doesn't miss a beat: "How'd she know I was friends with Karen?" He holds Eddie's confession in his hand: "Wait a minute! This says it was signed at 9:35 p.m.!" Oh, the pieces are falling so nicely into place. I love it when Helen lies and then thinks that no one will find out she's lying. That's my favourite part of The Practice. Not. Is that when Eddie signed the papers? Around then, "yeah." And this is when he confessed? Ah duh, that's what the confession says. Jimmy leans towards Earnest Eddie: "Where did that take place?" He shrugs, with his mouth wide open: "At the police station." There is steam barreling from Jimmy's ears. He was at the police station last night at eight. Did he know Jimmy was at the police station? Eddie shakes his head. Oh, this answer is the wrong answer because, wow, is Jimmy ever M.A.D.

The DA's Office Where They Lie About Pain. Why are phones ringing everywhere? Why? Why do sound effects have to accompany every single scene? Jimmy bursts into Helen's office: "You lied to me! You questioned him after I was there. You got his confession at 9:35. You lied to me!" He points his finger toward Helen every time he says "lied." Helen responds, "I'm sorry. I had to do that." Blah dee blah you lied to me point-blank, blah. Helen: "What's the big atrocity, Jimmy? That the truth came out?" He stumbles around some words, but Helen doesn't let him speak; she jumps up and snaps, "I was there last night. I saw a little boy pulled from a wreckage. I saw his eyes go to his dead mother." Blah dee blah this isn't about that, blah dee blah it's about lying, blah dee blah it's about the law. She says she acted within the law. He says, "You think so." She says she knows so. He says let's see what a judge will say, because he's moving to suppress the statement. She says fine. He says have a good look in the mirror. She says you can do everything within the law to free your murderers, but I can't try just as hard to put them away. He says she went outside the law. She says no she didn't and he should look it up. Well, he doesn't like that answer and storms out of the office.

The Firm Where They Alleviate Pain. The Lump is pacing. The Emperor makes a token appearance and tells Jimmy to "slow down." This doesn't mean he doesn't wave his hands around like an idiot, though. Jimmy can't slow down. He's too mad. He's boiling. He's boiling mad. The Lump relates all of Helen's non-truths to Eugene and Rod. Jimmy screams that Mr. Reid is "no city councilor but he's a pharmacist." Eugene can't get past the fact that Helen continued to interrogate Eddie even after Jimmy told her not to. The Lump continues to pace. He explains that Helen says what she did is legal. Rod interjects: "Rebecca." She replies that she's already on it. Lucky for Rod that the minions are right at his fingertips. Eugene thinks Jimmy should try to get the statement suppressed. Jimmy replies, "I'm already on that." Rod's hands float up like he's about to give a sermon and bless the broken children beneath him. He's got the Holy Ghost Power. He points to Jimmy: "Do it before Judge Kittleson." Jimmy explains that Eddie has already been arraigned. "Has this judge assigned it yet?" Bobby steps forward. No? Good. His hand slices the air like cold air on a hot day. Kittleson won't go for Helen's crap. Can lawyers really pick the judges they want to argue their motions in front of? Anyway, Jimmy natters on about Helen lying right to his face, RIGHT TO HIS FACE. Is his ego upset, or is he honestly angered about Helen's apparent lack of ethics? It's your call, but I think Jimmy's more upset about Helen not acting like a friend then he is about Eddie ending up in jail for the rest of his life.

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