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Helen's Office Of Pure Pain. There are more thumb shots. This time, it's Mr. Reid: "How can he get off if he confessed?" Helen assures Grieving Father that Eddie's not "getting off," but she does want him to know that if the defense succeeds in having the confession suppressed, their case becomes extremely thin. Why oh why do they dress all of the non-cast members in beige? Eddie was wearing a beige turtleneck with a really ugly suede vest, and now Grieving Father is wearing a beige Mr. Dressup sweater with beige pants and a beige shirt. And no one is listening to me on the whole eyeliner-smudging-under-the-eyes issue either. I'm very mad at make-up and wardrobe. Helen says she knows the law supports her, she is very sure of that, and then she dismisses Mr. Reid with a little "I think you should be with your son and let me deal with this." He nods. And then sets up the obvious result of the suppression hearing by saying, "Promise me you won't let him go free, Ms. Gamble." Now, you all know that when Helen promises something like this, it means that the D-Fence is going to win, because -- say it with me people -- David E. Kelley's plots are contrived. Correct. The class gets an "A," while DEK gets an "F" for lack of creativity.

Kittleson's Courtroom Of Legal Pain. Helen and Jimmy are arguing their motion in front of Judge Beautiful. Helen pulls out some obscure case law. The judge responds to Helen's argument by saying, "I understand the opinion, Counselor, but it's the reasoning that troubles me." Tick. Tick. Tick. The time bomb of dramatic irony runs up the clock. Helen argues that everything depends on the suspect's state of mind: "He knew he could have a lawyer, he chose not to ask for one. The fact that a lawyer was asking for him is irrelevant." The Lump pipes up, "That's ridiculous." They do the back-and-forth snark for a bit. Jimmy says that he was intentionally lied to, that Helen gave him her word she wouldn't question Eddie any further and she did so anyway. Again, they bicker back and forth: Helen thinks she's allowed to lie; Jimmy doesn't think she should lie to an officer of the court; Helen thinks that's irrelevant. Jimmy argues that her actions are legal only under the federal Constitution. There's no case under the Massachusetts constitution. She argues that when no case law exists in state legislation, they should listen to the Supreme Court. Blah dee blah the states are divided, blah dee blah the majority of states reject the rule, blah dee blah Florida, California, blah dee blah they all say the same thing, blah dee blah the client should know when his lawyer is trying to reach him. Helen retorts, "That's not the law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts." Kittleson takes the matter under advisement. She'll let them know when she makes a decision; until then, they are adjourned. People mill about in the fake gallery. Eddie sits with his mouth agape. Does he have no other acting skills? His entire repertoire consists of mouth open/mouth closed dumb stares. Eugene comes up behind the DA and whispers, "Come on, Helen." He attempts to read her the riot act. She defends herself brilliantly: "You do what you do, I do what I do." Must have taken DEK a million years to think of that comeback. Not. "Why is it personal every single time?" Jimmy mutters, "Because you lied to me and that is personal." Helen exclaims, "Oh, for God's sake. You accuse people in an open courtroom." Bickering and bedlam ensues as all three lawyers argue their non-existent ethics. Judge Kittleson reins them in and tells them to act like adults. Helen stomps out of the courtroom; Jimmy seethes.

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