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We're only halfway through. Not to worry. I'll bet Helen has something else up her sleeve...if she can fit anything up those skinny sleeves, that is.

Helen's Office Where Her Pain Is Dismissed Without Prejudice. Mr. Reid is pacing: "So it's over?" Helen explains they have no case without the confession. What about the gloves? Well, he obviously learned nothing from the whole O.J. fiasco. Helen explains that the gloves don't tie the defendant to the car. They can't use the gloves anyway, because Eddie told them where to find them in his confession. Wow. Eddie is smart enough to wear gloves to commit the crime, but dumb enough to tell the prosecution where to find the gloves? Whatever. Mr. Reid throws some heady accusations over in Helen's direction: "So doing what you did basically secured this man's freedom?" She admits that what she did has apparently backfired, yes. Wow, a humble Helen; now, that's not something you see very often on this show.

The Firm Where They Explain The Concept Of Pain. Eugene insists that the prosecution can re-file the charges. Eddie just sits there with his mouth wide open, staring blankly ahead. How many ways can you say "mouth wide open"? Mouth looking like a train could run through it? Yes. That would work. Mouth looking like it has lost the muscles used to ensure it actually closes? Sure. That's accurate. Lazy mouth syndrome? Maybe, if such a thing existed. But I'd prefer screaming at the television, "Shut your damn mouth please, Eddie, I'm tired of looking at your cavities." No double jeopardy is attached; does Eddie understand? Well, he complains, "you've said it six times, Mr. Young. Do I seem like an idiot?" Which of course launches Eugene into a tirade that recounts all of Eddie's idiotic behaviour over the last couple of days: he confessed; he believed the DA when she told him they were passing death-penalty legislation in Massachusetts; et cetera. Eddie pipes up in his own defense: "I'm not a lawyer." No, and you're not the brightest bulb on the tree, either. Jimmy says that's why Eddie can't talk to anyone about the crime. As long as Eddie doesn't open his mouth, he is a free man. Karen ensures the lawyers she'll keep Eddie's trap shut. I think she's got her work cut out for her. Eddie insists, once again, that he's not a murderer. Except that when you kill someone, regardless of your intention, you kind of are a murderer. He didn't even know there was a kid in the car, and he didn't hear Mrs. Reid caught in the door either. He didn't hear anything until he was speeding away and heard "a little voice" saying, "Where's Mommy?" Eddie's own Serenade Of Stupid Mistakes drums along beside him as he explains that that's when he thinks he ran the stop sign: "When I got out of the car and saw her lying there, I didn't know what I'd done." There is commotion outside. Lucy is trying to tell some Trench Coats to stay put, but they aren't listening. Jimmy and Eugene get up to investigate: "What's going on?" Lucy says the Coats are FBI, and then one of them explains that they are there to arrest poor Earnest Eddie. The second Coat struts over and charges poor Eddie with the murder of Constance Reid. Not. Enough. Oxygen. Going. To. The. Brain. Eddie looks confused. Eugene screams, "Hold on!" The first Coat announces that they're arresting Eddie pursuant to federal car-jacking, blathers on about some penal code, and reads Larson his rights. The Lump screams at Eddie to not say a word as they drag him out of the office in handcuffs.

Hellenor's. A token "mom" moment. Ellenor is folding baby blankets. There is baby paraphernalia all around the apartment. Helen brings in a cup of tea and sets it down in front of her roommate. ["Shouldn't Helen have moved out by now? I don't know that I'd want to live with a newborn that wasn't mine when I worked as long hours as a lawyer does." -- Sars] Ellenor asks, "Are you behind this?" Helen's wearing a faded "Irish" sweatshirt that looks miles too big for her. Her jeans make her legs look like piano wires. Helen says she can't talk to Ellenor about the case. The new mom insists that they can speak as roommates, but is rebuked by Helen, who states that as friends they can argue about Scrabble, but she's not about to discuss the case. Ellenor grabs the third blanket: "Can you just tell me why you're pushing it so?" He did kill a woman. Have we all lost sight of that? Ellenor: "Nearly all your cases are homicides, Helen. You're pushing harder on this one." Pause. Drama. Pause. "Why?" Helen saw the mother lying dead on the street and she thought of Lindsay and Ellenor, and their babies, and she couldn't even imagine the horror. There are fake tears. There is glossy lipstick. There is smudged eyeliner. I'd say Helen's trying to be emotional here. Oh, and blah promise to the father blah. Yes. She is behind the whole federal prosecution crap. Good thing Helen's found a new forum for her vendettas.

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