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Enemy Of The State

Dr. Anspaugh's Chamber Of Pain. Reprising his role as Kendall Marcott, the circuit-court judge that Ellenor complained to earlier this season, Dr. Anspaugh makes an appearance. He glares at an open folder in his hands and listens to Eugene make the argument that the federal case is hogwash. Oh, and Sanders, the lawyer for the feds, is Željko Ivanek, the actor who played Devlin on Oz and the prosecutor in Dancer in the Dark, one of the best movies I have seen in years. Anspaugh doesn't see the problem; their client is charged with a federal crime, and that charge should be heard in a federal court. Eugene points out that Kittleson suppressed Eddie's statement. Again, Anspaugh explains they're in federal court, and what the DA did is permissible under federal law. Jimmy splits the state/federal hairs, but it sounds like he's just whining. Anspaugh wonders if Jimmy is suggesting that the confession wasn't voluntary. Correct; Helen coerced poor Earnest Eddie with the threat of a death sentence. Anspaugh ponders. If Team D-Fence wants to move to suppress on the basis that Eddie was coerced, well, he'll hear their arguments. They set a trial time, and then Eugene asks that Eddie be given immunity on the stand because "he's stupid." Sanders objects. Eugene insists they wouldn't "let this idiot take the stand. Not in a million years. But he's the only one who can testify as to what happened in the interrogation room." He wants testimonial immunity. Željko doesn't think they're serious. Eugene convinces the judge, because Eddie just might be stupid enough to give the prosecution new evidence within this hearing. They don't want that to happen. Anything learned from their client can't be used against him; otherwise, the prosecution gets a "potential windfall from a coerced confession." Loath as I am to admit it, DEK has presented an interesting argument here. Sigh. I hate it when he does a good job. It's so much easier to lambaste him. Anspaugh grants the request. Sanders objects: "What, you're granting him special protection on grounds of stupidity?" In short, yes. Then he tells the two teams to go off and work out a deal, but the prosecution is playing Helen's game and Sanders won't go for any deals. He's playing hardball and he has definitely caught Helen "MC Has Been" Gamble's "always have to be busting their balls" disease.

Twinkle. Twinkle. Little Star. How I wonder where you are. Up above the sky so high, like a diamond in the, ah, oh, eh, ah, oops, living room? That's right, all the stars are falling down in protest. DEK has even ruined nursery rhymes for me. Damn you, DEK. Damn you.

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