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Bombs Over Fake Boston

Props to Key Grip for dealing with the other side of this "cross-snore of the season" over on Boston Public.

Previously on The Practice: DEK is swallowed by a giant whale named Soap Opera. William Hinks is obsessed with Lindsay. Bobby, using a better form of his worst judgment, sends Alan Neal to "talk" to the serial killer. Rebecca and Lucy press play on a tape recorder sent by William Hinks that is actually a bomb in disguise. Kapow! Glass shatters and fire explodes in various different places. Bam!

The Firm On Fire. The Emperor rushes toward the still sizzling office with a manic look on his face. A nameless, faceless police officer tries to restrain him, but, of course, Rod refuses to heed cries of "I'm sorry sir, you can't go in there." From inside the ruins comes a stretcher carrying the young Lucy Hatcher. Some paramedics are pulling the stretcher onto the elevator as Bobby yells, "Lucy! Lucy! I'm going with her! I'm going with her!" Eugene stares at the door where they bring a surprisingly naked and bleeding Rebecca out on second stretcher. More paramedics are yelling at people to get out of the way; Lindsay, still drying her tears from last week's episode, puts a hand over her mouth in shock. Rebecca's head is trapped in one of those vices paramedics use to make sure it doesn't move in case of any spinal injuries. Her midsection is very, very bloody. The Fugue of Firebombs catches the tension of the mood as a distraught Eugene watches Rebecca ride right on by him.

Cut to the inside of the ambulance. Lucy's neck is ensconced in a whiplash collar. Bobby is there with her, muttering, "You just hold on and I'm right here." Then he asks the paramedics, "Can you tell me her injuries?" You know, because he's such the father figure to the poor young impressionable girl. "I'm okay," she whispers faintly.

In the second ambulance, Rebecca's heart has stopped. The fake paramedics on loan from ER whip out their paddles and shock the poor bleeding woman a couple of times to get her heart beating. Eugene is just sitting in the ambulance with his mouth agape; it's almost as if he can hardly believe this is happening.

The Hospital of Pain. Lucy is wheeled into the emergency room. Of course, Bobby wants to go into the room with his assistant/receptionist. Damn, don't you wish that everyone had a boss this giving, caring, and understanding? Oh, right, they're all like family -- that's why they yell at each other all the time and treat each other like dirt. That's the love talking, people. The nurse holds him back. Bobby is going to have to wait in the waiting room like everybody else. And you know how Bobby hates being like everybody else.

Seconds later, Rebecca is carted through the doors. Instructions from the paramedics tell us that she crashed on the way over to the hospital. Honestly, I'm confused by the fact that Rebecca is totally naked from the waist up. I imagine the paramedics had to cut through her clothing to get to the bleeding, but they've completely wrapped her up in gauze. She looks like a bleeding mummy. You can't tell me that was a time-saving measure. Any. Way. Eugene rushes in with the stretcher, and he too tries to go further into the ER; again, the nurse holds him back. Emperor Rod and his Last Scion are standing staring into the empty abyss that is the hospital hallway. Bobby: "Did you learn anything more?" Eugene: "Just that it was an explosion." The Emperor continues, "Lucy's conscious. I think she's okay." Looking ashen and withdrawn, Eugene says, "Bec isn't." Damn you, William Hinks, and your exploding tape recorders! Wow, everything moves so fast when hospitals are involved. Is this what it's like recapping ER or Third Watch? I'm not used to all this action.

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