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Bobby and Eugene meet up in the hallway to discuss strategy. Bobby wants to know what the hell they're going to do now. The elevator dings. Bobby orders Eugene to go tell the DA what happened. What's he going to do? Well, he's going to take another shot with Francis. "Good," Eugene says, "so we can compare cement walls." Hurry! Bobby whips out his cell phone and speed-dials The Firm. Like I said in my recaplet, his phone is a weapon of justice in this episode. Rebecca supposedly answers the phone and, without explaining anything, Bobby tells her to call him back on his phone in a minute.

Back in the side room, Bobby throws Francis a bone: "They could hit you with life on the kidnapping alone." He wiggles his hands around. "At some point," he continues, "this girl is going to be found." Hah! Francis snickers, don't be so sure. He's hidden her real well. Scum bucket. The phone rings. There is a "fake" conversation. There is "fake" huffing and puffing. The Emperor tells Francis that the DA's office found some physical evidence that ends up forcing the criminal into taking the deal. And Francis, after playing so hard for so long, just stands there looking like a dumb-ass.

Helen is proceeding with the arraignment hearing against William Hinks. It's hard to make the case. The judge doesn't entirely go for it, but she does instate a restraining order requiring Mr. Hinks "not to contact, follow, or approach Ms. Dole or Ms. Hatcher, and to stay at all times one thousand feet from their homes and their offices." She points her finger directly at William: "Do you understand that, Mr. Hinks?" I'm sure a man who can mastermind a scheme to set himself free probably has a good, solid understanding of restraining orders. Sigh. Oh, the redundancy. He quips, "But I'm free to visit Ms. Gamble?" Heh. The judge adds Helen to the list. Heh. And then she adds herself to the list too. The gallery flutters, as it has a tendency to do. William approaches Lindsay: "I guess this is officially good-bye then." She gives him the stink-eye and then waddles away.

The music blares and, for a minute, I think I'm trapped in a really bad episode of The X-Files. There are SUVs flying over hills. There is dust being kicked up by their Goodyear tires. There is an ambulance, and, of course, there is a pair of concerned parents being coddled by The Runt. Bobby and Eugene are in the Emperor's car. "Please God," Bobby whispers in that half-soft, half-hard tone he favours, "let her be okay." Shut up, Bobby. More SWAT team footage. They blow open a door to a camper. We hear, "It's all clear!" Then we're back in the car: "I lied to him." Bobby confesses his whole sordid tale: "I don't care, Eugene. I wasn't going to let a little girl…" You know when Mike Myers used to do Coffee Talk and he'd get all verklempt and stuff? Yeah, well, that's Bobby in this scene. Oh, so over the freaking top. Eugene replies, "It's time for you to get out of criminal law." A pretty little girl cries. A pretty little girl's parents rush toward her and hug her. Oh, the humanity. Bobby thanks the lord. Oh, for god's sake, Bobby, shut up.

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