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The Firm. Harry is trying to convince Scott his decision is the right one. We all feel sorry for Scott. Okay, no, we don't. Harry confesses that the employees simply don't want Scott around. They don't even want him in the building. Scott wants to know what Harry thinks. Hey, Harry doesn't want him around either: "And whether you killed Karen or not, you're not the same man I used to know." Baby Wallace needed his friends. He needed someone to support him. He didn't need anyone to be repugnant toward him. Harry advises him to move on with his life. Scott screams, "My life!" He stands up and screams some more: "Has been taken away from me!" Oh! He has a gun! Oh! He's pointing it at his own head! Everyone in the room tries to convince him to put down the gun. It doesn't work. Because he's nuts. But he doesn't shoot himself, no, for that would be the end of this story -- he shoots Harry instead. Bang, bang, the boss is dead. Then, as he empties the round into Duvall, he turns to Ellenor, who has a horrified look on her face, and says, "I bet you're glad I'm out of bullets."

Minutes, maybe hours, later, there are police everywhere snapping pictures and gathering evidence. They cart Scott off into the night. Bobby advises him not to say a word. The piano twinkles. Bobby slams open the door to his office and bemoans his situation. His life sucks. Totally. Lindsay tries to comfort him; Scott was on the edge. How could anybody see it coming? They notice a box on Bobby's desk. There is a note: "To Lindsay with Affection." There's a cutie patootie puppy in the box. Bobby wants to know who sent Lindsay a dog. Yeah, we know who: William Hinks, that's who.

Next week: Bobby feels guilty about Scott Wallace, and William Hinks does more stalking. Happy Holidays!

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