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Richard's Office. Bay is trying to get Bobby to agree to a deal concerning Francis and the little girl. Richard offers five to seven on the kidnapping charge, only "she's got to be completely unharmed." The Emperor agrees to take the deal to his client. Helen's there too. Her hair is down and looks quite lovely. It actually makes her head appear somewhat larger than a pin.

The Firm. There are few options available to Scott, as Ellenor explains: "We could sue, but it's our feeling we wouldn't win. We probably couldn't even survive a motion to dismiss." Scott smells his hand for a minute: "Um, yummy. Chocolate-covered peanut butter, um." Ellenor continues, "We could go back into Judge Hiller and ask for an adjudication that you're innocent. Innocent as opposed to simply not guilty." Scott likes this idea. He dances. He jumps. He screams, "Yes! Yes! That's exactly what I want to do!" The lawyers aren't too confident, but Scott "Manic Monday" Wallace tells them to "just do it!"

It's dark in Boston. It's hard to tell what time it might be pretending to be. Or it just could be the cloud of my soul creeping up from under the weight having to recap such a crappy show. Anyway, Bobby's takes the deal to his jackass of a client. Francis is a real piece of work. Bobby gets him a good deal, but he turns around and makes another demand: "Tell them I'll take the five to seven but, eh, that's if they find her dead or alive." What? The Emperor is stunned into silence and Eugene has to speak for him: "They're not going to give you five years if you killed Alessa." Francis claims he didn't kill anyone. The Emperor chops the air like his arm is the Green Destiny sword from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I quite liked the movie. ["Me too. Everyone, go see it. And I'll unfire you now." -- Sars] Anyway. Francis says that if you leave a seven-year-old girl alone for three days, who "the hell" knows what might happen. Disgusting, but true: "If she's dead then I didn't do it." And he's not about to confess. Jerk. The Theme Of Treacherous Traitors gashes the scenery into bits, as the Emperor can no longer hold his temper: "Francis!" The slimeball responds, "No! Bring it to Bay!" A revolted Bobby bangs on the door with the force of a thousand winds and calls for the guard. But wait! His phone rings, and for an instant I think someone's going to whisper, "I know what you did last summer!" Instead, after Bobby answers, William Hinks simply says, "I'm looking for Lindsay Dole." Bobby: "I'm her husband." Hinks: "Well, I've definitely got the wrong number then." And hangs up. Good lord. I didn't think they let you in the holding cell with a phone.

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